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1. Impossible camera movement. E.g. First camera position is a look of the pilot over his left shoulder to the left back side of the wing. Second camera position is a look of the pilot over his right shoulder to the right back side of the right wing. Switching with soft movement between these two cameras results in an impossible movement. The camera doesn't move via the front panel but via the back of the pilot. Such a movement can only make a robot-pilot. There should be an additional option to block the movement via a certain wall (back of the pilot).

2. The timing-slider of the movements needs more options. I want to define the speed of the change between two specific cameras. Especially the view from left to right wing should take much more time than the view from forward to the left wing. There should be a slider to choose the rate of angular movement (degree per second)

3. I want to group some of my views in Folders, becaus I have to much of them. I want to make different views for different checklists: preflight, before start up, before take off, ...). I want to preprogram the views for these checklists and to press only one button for "next view".

4. I want a cinematic mode inside the cockpit. Or more specific: I want to predefine a specific order and timing of cameras. Instrument scan: For basic IFR training you look for instance only on the 6 basic instruments. e.g. for horizontal IFR flight you look 5 sec to the artificial horizon, 3 sec to vertical speed indictor, bck to Artificial horizon, than to Altimeter, back to Artificial horizon. I want to preprogram this seqence with kind of a cinematic mode.

5. I want a "swap-button" like on my tv-remote control, to go bak to the previous camera.

6. How about a preselected automatic change between cameras. For instance ILS with decision height. Only instument view until DH. Then automatic change to forward look.


Great programm. I am sure that some of theses features are already included in Chase Plane, but I coudn't find them yet.

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I kept your email in my mailbox to make sure I answered it properly when I had the time.

  1. We will add an option for this. We did observe this phenomenon in some specific situations.
  2. We are looking into ways of making this work. It's a great idea and it would feel more natural in a lot of situations. It's definitely on the list.
  3. This is a big one, most likely something we want to do in a version 2 of ChasePlane. For now, you can still assign multiple presets to a single hotkey and cycle through them that way. It's a great way to organize views without having to put them into folders.
  4. This will come after v1.0
  5. Great idea, added it to the list!
  6. To do this we need to know specific data about the aircraft. While we do most likely have access to the data, we would need to find an easy way for users to set those conditions. It's a great idea but we'll have to check after v1.0 how we could implement it.

Thanks a lot for the great ideas!


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