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Bombing The Ho Chi Minh Trail-1968

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I came across a pretty good recording that I made while flying the "alleycat" ABCCC command post mission over Laos and North Vietnam. It's a B-57 (yellow-bird) being directed by an O-2 (2-engine pusher-puller Cessna skymaster) FAC Foward-Air-Controller, callsign: NAIL . Go to: Whenever an altitude is mentioned, it is referred to as " Base +/- 1,2,3,etc,) Base altitude being a classified altitude that is changed each day so the enemy anti-aircraft wont be able to know altitudes of planes they are monitoring. It's a nighttime mission, bombing trucks on the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos and North Vietnam. This is a pretty good example of how FACs and Fighter-Bombers worked with each other . For the missions against the trail, we have seen one reference to what came to be known as the "funny bomb," which was the M-35 or M-36 incendiary bomb clusters that combined the effects of napalm, incendiaries, and cluster bombs. The 900-pound M-36 had 182 thermate bomblets that exploded on contact with the ground. A single bomblet could set a truck on fire. Once the bomb struck, there would be a small flash of fire in the air that signaled the ignition of the bomb, then an aerial fire that opened, grew and descended toward the darkened jungle, and then flames spreading over an area larger than a football field by the time the fire reached the ground. Then scores of thermate bomblets exploded . Those who could witness the effects of the "funny bomb" said it was "awe inspiring. go to : for a very informative page about many of the aircraft that worked the "trail" . I just learned that Col Chuck Yeager was in command of the B-57 squadron during the early years of the war. I remember his next command of an F-105 wing in Thailand that flew missions in North Vietnam and Laos. Cheers, Tom Bigelow - Borg__________________Regards, Tom Bigelow , Borg Rogue Gryffons Lots of cool pix at: " My best defense against predators is to taste TERRIBLE "

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