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  I recently got back into simming and saw the chaseplane product while installing the other FSFX products I happily own. I enjoy it for the most part, but I'm hoping one change can be implemented as soon as possible. The need for internet. I understand it's needed for saving profiles, install validation and such, but it seriously needs an offline mode for users who have already validated. I bought it, installed it, and was getting acquainted with it and boom, hurricane Irma came and other than no water and power for 11 days, no internet for nearly a month (Naples, FL, we were the welcoming committee for her). Needless to say I very much hated chaseplane these passed few weeks for this and wanted to request an offline mode and not "No internet = app close". Luckily I hadn't uninstalled EZCA so no 2 weeks of tweaking to get back in the air. Being put out of work over irma for 2 weeks and not being able to sim with chaseplane, sucked.

Just my zero two on that, in hopes to get us an offline mode.

Well, that's all I got. I'm off to Active sky to say the same since why it needs the internet to do all the other modes that aren't live weather is beyond me ;)




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Hey Dan,

We have a dedicated thread about the subject pinned at the top where you can leave this feedback.

Be sure to follow our Facebook page our YouTube channel for news about this topic really soon.


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Ahhh, I see (now). A forum junky for decades and now I can't see stickies right in front of me.

Thanks, Keven.

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