Runway lights now showing up until very close to a/c

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I've had this issue since the days of FSX and in every version of p3d. I always blamed the addons, tweaks or the hardware. Now I finally had the chance to rebuild everything from scratch.
Completely new hardware, clean install of Windows 10, latest drivers and a clean install of p3d v4.1 without addons or tweaks. So I started up a night flight just to realise that the issue is still there :(

Basically the runway lights don't appear until they're pretty much right in front of the a/c. It's like the LOD radius for the runway lights is extremely small. On approach just before touchdown you can litteraly see the approach lights and runway lights show up one by one in front of the a/c. Nedless to say this really ruins the immersion.

Hardware is i7700k, 32 GB DDR4 @ 3200 MHZ, everything stored on a fast SSD, Graphics card GTX 1070. I can easily get FPS in the hundreds and I've tried every graphics setting you can think of and then some.

The issue can be easily reproduced by pausing the sim and just change the zoom level back and forth.

Here you can see that about 2/3rd of the runway has correct lights, and around the arrows you can start to see the missing lights.

While the sim is still paused and pressing "+" to zoom in, pretty much all lights are now showing correctly:

If I zoom out again, the runway lights disappear again, more and more for eached decreased zoom level.

Any idea what's going on here? I'm not sure I've seen this mentioned before but I find it highly unlikely that I'm the only one experiencing this, as it happens even on a totally clean install.

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I noticed this before as well... its like the lights are loading in one section at a time on either side one by one.... it's definitely an immersion killer and I really hope LM fixes this issue along with runway lights "floating" above the ground.

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Seeing this also.

Anyone posted about it over at LM yet?


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