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Hello All,

I have been steadily building my simulator step by step and consulting the Avsim forum for advice. Your input does mean a lot to me and has been ever so valuable. I am having concerns about the many add-on's out there and how they actually are used during a flight. Here's what I mean....

I have only Prepar3d V4 installed on my system. All my settings are "default" settings. I have added the following add-on's:

FTX Central

ORBX Global Range, ORBX North America, ORBX Trees, ORBX Vector

Megasceneryearth / Ohio - (absolutely hate it) and will soon have uninstalled it. A huge waste of $$$$


I have looked over almost every YouTube video to see how to configure ORBX to work in P3Dv4. It seems rather simple as long as I let the FTX Central do its thing. Once the FTX Central installer finishes, do I need to do anything by means of changing the settings in P3Dv4? I mean, do I need to go to the P3Dv4 settings screens and change the settings so that the new scenery/textures etc will load when I start my flight? Currently (even though my paid ORBX products are installed), my current scenery seems very "non-realistic" instead of similar to the screenshots and videos I've seen of others that have the same add-on's. Do I have to turn off the default P3Dv4 scenery checkmarks in the settings? Do I need to put the ORBX scenery on the settings page to the #1 spot? I have no clue what to do.

I have read that I should use a Tweak Assistant. I hesitate using this because I have a gut feel that it does not need to be used with v4. Is that true? I've also read that ORBX is still in beta for P3Dv4 and that's why some airports are not as detailed as others.

I am looking to fly G-A only. I care about pilotage and correct ground references. I also want the realism. Some videos I've seen are spectacular. I thought Megasceneryearth was my answer. Unfortunately, to me it proved too "hokey". It was like flying over a "picture" of the ground. That's just my opinion and not meant to bash the program but I feel it could be so much better.

I haven't noticed much of an improvement using ORBX vs the default of P3Dv4 stock scenery. A little maybe, but nothing close to the real thing. I am thinking I need to tweak my settings or move files to get it to where I need to be as realistic as possible. I was hoping someone out there might be able to point me in the right direction or at least advise me that my expectations are too high.

Lastly, I was looking into ActiveSky and Rex. Would anyone offer feedback as to how these will affect my sim experience?

Thanks JP


32GB Ram

Nvidia Titan XP

Windows 10 64 bit

All Saitek controls

Xtop pro panel

(3) Dell U3415W monitors

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I've moved your question from the "Tips and Tricks" forum. Please note the sticky post at the very top of the list:


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Forgive me for posting in the wrong category. When I saw "TIPS & TRICKS" I assumed advisors would give me tips $ tricks concerning the question I had. I apologise for assuming.

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