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Hi Dave,

I'm currently evaluating P2A, and wanted to ask if there is scope to extend the comms patterns supported by P2A?

At my local airfield, our comms sequence for circuits would be as follows:

"Request -> Taxi":
Me: "Barton Information G-XXXX parked east of the tower, information X, QFE 1018 for a circuit detail, 2 P.O.B"
Info: "G-XX details correct, squawk 7365, cross runway 32 to holding point A3"
Me: Squawk 7365. Cross runway 32 to holding point A3, G-XX"

"Request -> Takeoff"
Me: "G-XX ready for departure"
Info a. "G-XX runway 26R. Take off at your discretion. Surface wind 260/10kts" -> "Taking off 26R, G-XX"
OR Info b. "G-XX report lined up 26R" -> Me: "Report lined up 26R, G-XX"
OR Info c: "G-XX hold position" -> Me: "Hold position, G-XX"

"Report -> PatternLocation -> Downwind"
Me: "G-XX downwind"
Info: "G-XX Report final"
Me: "Wilco, G-XX"

"Report -> PatternLocation -> Final"
Me: "G-XX final for touch and go" / "G-XX final for full stop landing"
Info: <clearance & wind info>
Me: "G-XX" - As explained by my instructor, the pilot's job is to get the plane down safely.  On final at <500ft you've got to focus on your approach speed, carb heat, flaps, etc, so just repeating your callsign is enough.

At EGCB we use 120.25 (Barton Information), which is responsible for all of the above communications.  However if I manually add 120.25 as an Information frequency, I'm presented with a limited set of dialogue.  For instance I'm able to report my position within the circuit, but I'm not able to obtain any engine start, taxi, takeoff, or landing clearances.  If I add it as a Twr frequency, it does allow those comms.  Can the definition of Info frequencies be amended please?


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Right now, the Information frequency is treated as a UNICOM or CTAF type frequency....not a true controller.  Changing the program to make it have all the functions of a tower can be done with the next update.

Making the changes to support locale specific phrases is not such an easy fix. 


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Thanks Dave, that would be great re information frequencies, thanks.

Whilst locale specific changes are undoubtedly complex, is it something that might feature further down the product roadmap?

I've also encountered quite a number of unhandled exception errors - some might be a result of user error, such as trying to save an unchanged frequency list, but I'm sure you'd still like to iron them out for user experience. How's best to report these to you? I'm conscious of creating too many bug threads on here!

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You can email the bugs to me (admin @  That way you can attach a screenshot of the error message box with the Details showing and a copy of the log file.

Log files are located in:


where <UserName> is your PC user name

A new one is created each time you start Pilot2ATC, so if you take the most recent one when you have the error, you should have the correct one.



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