Friction bug?

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I started having an odd issue yesterday.  Aircraft seems to take a lot more thrust to get moving and stay moving.  For example I loaded the default scenario with the F-22 and i had to spool the engines up to 60% to get moving and stay moving.  I've tried other aircraft and it continues to happen.  It's almost as if the aircraft is stuck in mud. I've changed the weight to see if that would help but, it still seems like the aircraft is stuck in mud. I did a complete uninstall and reinstall of p3d and it didn't change.  I figured it may be a calibration issue but, my controllers check out.  I also reset the key mapping to default to insure there was no conflicts with brakes and my rudder pedals but, again no change.  My computer specs are i7-7700, 16gb ram, gtx 1060, win 10.  I do not use fsuicp because I've never felt the need to.  I have addons but, this was an issue with a clean version of 4.1.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

- Sigmund Horn

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Anyone?  I would love to get back to flying but having issues taxiing has put a damper on things.

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1 hour ago, MarkDH said:

Someone has reported that behaviour with the Twin Otter Extended, uniquely in P3D 4.1.

Thanks for the response mark!  It's so odd that when I first installed v4.1 I didn't have this issue.  I had another issue which caused me to do a complete reinstall of p3d and it solved my previous issue but than I notice I really had to give th F-22 some gas to get her to move and forget about returning to idle thrust once I got her to move because she would just come to a hault.  I'm use to giving it some thrust and returning to idle and letting the momentum do its job.  

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