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ECL behavior / switch recognition

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Good evening guys,

First, I really want to thank you for your time, and PMDG for this amazing aircraft. What a fantastic product.

I just need help about something I noticed with the ECL (very nice feature btw).


During a left engine failure, I opened the ECL to follow step by step the associated non normal checklist : once arrived

at the line "LEFT FUEL CONTROL switch.....Confirm.......CUTOFF", I put that left fuel control switch to the CUTOFF position, and

the ECL correctly sensed this action : the line "LEFT FUEL CONTROL switch.....Confirm.......CUTOFF" became green.

But right after that, I incidentally turned the left switch to the RUN position, and the line  "LEFT FUEL CONTROL switch.....Confirm.......CUTOFF" on

the ECL remained green, as if the swicth still was in the cutoff position, whereas it was not.


Same problem with the SHUTDOWN Checklist : when you turn the hydraulic switches and buttons off, and immediatly after you set them on, the line

"Hydraulic panel...........set" on the ECL remains green and checked. Shouldn't it get unchecked ?


Do you think this is a normal behavior of the ECL ? Closed loop items are scanned only one time ?


I really thank you for your help and you knowledges,

Best regards,


Bruno thimothe





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Hi Bruno, I would expect this to be normal behavior for a checklist.  Keep in mind that the ECL is a tool and does not have any supervisory function.  Were I an engineer on the ECL project, arguing against any supervisory features I would warn that if one item were supervised then all times should be supervised all the time.  For that reason, the ECL functions only as a tool and it is a nice touch that it automatically responds to control inputs, it just does not supervise the controls. Big difference.

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Thank you very much for the answer, sir.

The thing is, the ECL also seems to be able to read properly sudden changes of some switches position, like fuel pumps during the SHUTDOWN checklist : turning all of them off validates the line "Fuel", and right after that, selecting at least one of them on unchecks that line, which goes from green to white.

That's why I'm confused. During shutdown, the ECL senses correctly sudden modification of the fuel panel, but not of the hydraulic panel. Besides, fuel pumps and hydraulic panel are both closed-loop items of the Shutdown Checklist.

Must be an explanation.

Any other ideas ?

Good evening and best regards,


Bruno thimothe.

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