Two disfunctional airportd

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I have two Orbx airports that I have never been able to get to work in P3Dv4.  KORS - Eastsound and KWYS - West Yellowstone.  I can't access them.  As soon as I try to go to them I get a CTD.

If I try to go to them from the control panel as soon as the status bar completes I'm back on the desktop.  When I try to fly into KORS as soon as I cross the runway threshold I'm back to the desktop.  I can land on the runway at KWYS but as soon as I try to taxi into the parking area I'm back at the desktop.

They have been problems ever since I got P3Dv4.

I am using object flow beta.  I reforced migration.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled both of them.  I have everything in their configurations checked off.  Everything else works fine.  I'm at a loss since these airports seem to work for others.

I'm sure my system is adequate.

ASUS AMDA100 motherboard

Intel i7-4790@4GHZ


Windows 7 Pro  

nVidia GeForce GTX 970



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This might have been the problem.

On Monday my computer crashed.  I thought it was the hard drive but the shop told me my CPU and motherboard got fried from running too hot.

I did have a couple of CTDs with the notice it had shut down because the processor was overheating.

This may have been the problem with the scenery.

Anyway, they are replacing the processor and motherboard and installing a liquid cooling system.

When I get it back I'll let you know if the problems with the scenery have been solved.



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Bad luck with the hardware, cooling will help.  I'm surprised it got too hot @ 4.0 Ghz.  Good luck, looking forward to hearing about how your "new" system runs.

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We had a very hot summer down here in New Mexico Robert.  The room in which my computer sits rarely got below 82-85F even with the air conditioner on in the other rooms.  That may have been a contributing factor.


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Oh, yes that is hot Noel.  I was in Phoenix in September, by noon it was 94F in the shade.  The TV weatherman was calling for a cooling off period later in the week where expected temps would be in the mid 90's!  I recall having heat issues in the summer a few years back as well.  I always look forward to the fall when the weather starts to change.  

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