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FSL Airbus blinking Localizer Deviation Scale

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Does anyone know the significance of a blinking localizer deviation scale?

During a LIFR approach the Localizer was centered, but blinking. I didn't have any errors on the ECAS. It was very low visibility so I couldn't tell if I was actually following the localizer. Went around and bailed out. 

Sorry to ask such questions here, but this is where I feel at home.

Also, is there access to Airbus FCOM volumes somewhere on the web? I'd be happy (sorta) to find the answer myself. 

After an additional search of Google I found this:

Localizer and Glide Slope Deviation scales

These scales will appear when the ILS/LS pb on the EFIS control panel is selected. The deviation symbols (diamond shapes) appear when a valid signal is received.

  • When the localizer or glideslope is deflected full scale, half of the deviation symbol appears at the end of the scale in the direction of the localizer or glide slope.
  • The localizer scale will flash continuously if deviation exceeds 1/4 dot for two seconds above 15 feet RA.
  • The glide slope scale will flash continuously if the deviation exceeds one dot for two seconds above 100 feet RA.
  • The localizer and glide slope half indices flash continually when the deviation exceeds two dots for two seconds.
  • One dot represents a deviation of ± 0.8° on the localizer scale and ± 0.4° on the glide slope scale.

Feel free to delete, mod, if this is too silly.

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