Hi all random PC restart on loading of main menu

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Hi all

I just have a issue with Xplane 11 making the computer restart itself upon loading into the flight and can't seem to figure it out


My PC Specs are as follows:

CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 3.20Ghz

GPU: EVGA geforce 6GB GTX 1060 SC GAMING

Space free on HDD

RAM: 16Gb

Windows 10 64bit

Free HDD on partition with Xplane on = 611gb


I am using NVIDIA drivers and I have tried the a fresh install and made sure I have the latest stable release of 11 but it is still forcing the machine to restart itself upon loading into the flight. I have no error messages either windows or Xplane either. I have no payware planes or add on airports/scenery. As soon as I swapped the GPU to the new GTX 1060 it ran it fine and my frame rate went from 19 to 80 in non populated to 35-50 in City of London airport.

This weird issue started about three months ago but moved country back to the UK and changed job department so put it on the back burner. I've got a X52 Pro and would love to fix the issue and get some years use out of it.


Any one have any thoughts

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Have you updated to the latest stable ver. using the xp installer?

If yes then try this:

Make a backup of your preference folder.

Open the X-Plane installation directory

Go to the Output folder / the Preferences folder.

Delete all the files inside the /Preferences folder

Restart X-Plane/Quit

From backup, copy your joystick/keyboard assignments file back into the preference folder.

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I haven't heard of X-Plane itself rebooting a system, it is very robust, and independent of the OS.

Open the case, and vacuum,especially the fans. Make sure they can run at full speed. Also do not close your pc in a closed cabinet. 

At load time, X-Plane uses 100% CPU, and I suspect you have a cooling problem.

Another possible cullprit would be that your power supply is not powerfull enough, especially if you are overclocking. If that is the case, try running at stock speeds.

The only time I have had this with my system, was when I was trying overclocking, and I could cook an egg on the case. It is not worth the few fps you can win, balancing X-Plane with the correct settings is much better.

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Cooling could be, but in this case the computer normally shut down completely. I would rather suspect the computer power supply unit.



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