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Is it possible to fly a DIRECT TO WPT from PPOS with the Carenado Proline in the CJ2?

What I observe when I follow the manual is this (on the DIR page):

When presesing the LSK next to the WPT I want to go to, the plane wants to fly shortest way to the leg between the target WPT and the previous WPT, which leads to odd S turns instead of flying directly to the selected WPT.

When typing the WPT into the scratchpad and press th eupper left LSK twice (as described in the manual) it erases my FPLN an leaves me with a blank FMC.

Is that Carenado simplified Proline functionality or am I doing something wrong?



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Hi Boris,

You just touched upon my biggest pet peeve that is universal to all Carenado navigation equipment - is when you have your flight plan all setup from departure to destination - ATC may give you a "Direct To" a specific waypoint which is very common in the real world - if you use your navigation equipment to comply - it unrealistically blows away your entire programmed flight plan... To be fair the default GPS does the same which I believe all their navigation equipment is based off of... There is a way to insert a double waypoint that Jim Robinson spoke of in posts here but when doing this the autopilot will fly to the correct point (it's aiming for the imaginary path between the two redundant waypoints) however your HSI or MFD will not display the correct readings as the path has a zero length - it's a kludge... Just food for thought... There is a GTN mod for it - while it lacks in a little realism it will at least allow you to navigate...



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