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Hello all

I am looking for the BEST payware or freeware Addon Manager. I have never used one and this may be contributing to my woes.

Can anyone tell me:

1. Do they install/uninstall ALL add ons, ie sceneries, utilities and aircraft (boxed or downloaded)

2. Are the effective, easy to manage and foolproof, and,

3. Obviously, which is the best and why?

I hope someone can help me here because my FS2004 is really getting slow to load up.  The operation and FPS remain excellent

and overall, I am a very happy little Vegemite.  I am however, looking at doing a full reinstall due to load up times (up to five minutes sometimes)

and I was wondering if an addon manager is likely to be of some help.

Looking forward to your responses


Tony Chilcott

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For scenery management I have been using this one for years


It's simple and easy to use. I do not use it for payware scenery that comes with its own installer but for freeware I always add it using this tool.

As for an overall program to do everything I have never seen one but it could be very nice.

One other note regarding your load time. I have loads of AI and normal aircraft and it was taking me 10 mins or more to load the sim but a couple of years ago I bought an SSD drive and moved FS9 onto it. That drive is dedicated to the sim. Load times halved at least.  

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Thanks mate for your reply.

I have 4 x SSDs one each for P3Dv4, FSW, FS2004 and Xplane 11.

I do not think that is my problem. I am currently looking at offloading all I can onto 4 x 2TB HDDs (again, 1 for each Sim platform) I was looking at getting an addon manager to handle the installation of my freeware sceneries like EVO, FE3, VOZ, Indonesian airports, mesh for OZ, NZ and Indonesia etc. Dont quite know how I should manage this and am still doing some research to see if it is either practical or, in fact, do-able. 

There is basically NO payware airports or sceneries for Australia and the only really worthwhile OZ scenery freeware is the VOZ programme that I am aware of. I have all of BDO Aviations' Indonesian airports (payware and freeware) All my aircraft and most of my utilities are payware and as you say, their installation is relatively easy.

I feel the speed of loading has something (or a lot) to do with some of the sceneries that I have loaded and thought that an addon manager would solve the problem. I am just looking for the best and most reliable one whether freeware or payware.

I will certainly have a look at the one in your link and thanks for that.



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