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Hi All and have silly question to ask

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Hi All

New to flight simming I have installed FSX steam edition, just having a click on things and looking around and what it involves.

Looks like a hobby that might be having very late nights.

I have downloaded one aircraft the alabeo DA40 FSX/P3D and the install was okay no issues.

Silly question sorry I am  not very good with computers, I work in the health industry.

I ran the installer and installed several folders to the desktop....Alabeo DA40, Sound, Gauges, Font, Effects.

The Alabeo goes in the sim objects Airplanes I'm assuming.

Where am I putting the other folders/files?

Look forward to reading the posts here.

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Hi David,

First off - welcome aboard...

If you have the gauges nd other folders on your desktop - it sounds like the program didn’t instal correctly... When you install FSX - realize the Steam Edition probably didn’t give you any options in install - it should create “registry”entries on your PC identifying where the program is installed (the “Path” to FSX... Typically - the Carenado/Alabeo installers should readily identify this path when you select the version of flight simulator dur8mg install... If that doesn’t work - you should manually be able to select the directory where FSX is installed... It sounds like none of this happened and it just dumped the program to your desktop... Did you happen to see FSX Steam during the install ? Perhaps try the install again and if you could post a screeenshot of what your seeing when the choice of simulator appears ?



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Yes, you are correct, the main aeroplane folder - in your case for your DA40 - normally sits in the Airplane folder in FSX. Whereas if it was a helicopter you had bought, it would be in the Rotorcraft folder. If you look in the main FSX folder, which on the Steam version of FSX will be located somewhere like here:

C\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX. 

You will see a series of folders inside that FSX folder, with the names you are looking for, such as 'Sounds', 'Gauges' etc. You can simply copy the stuff in those folders on your desktop to the related folders with the same names in that FSX folder if you like. This is so the simulator knows where to find all the stuff to correctly display your aeroplane and play its engine sounds properly etc.

Putting stuff into those folders by hand is called a 'manual install' (for obvious reasons) and you do occasionally have to do that kind of thing, but most of the time when you install stuff, you can simply point the installer at your FSX folder and it will do all the rest for you automatically. It's even simpler if you buy an aircraft add-on through Steam, because Steam will put it in there for you automatically when you choose to install it after having bought it.

The reason you sometimes have to manually install things into the Steam version, is that originally, FSX was a Microsoft Game which came on disk, and that original version installed in a different place on your hard disk to where Steam installs FSX, and so quite a few add-ons for FSX which are not bought through Steam will try to find that original Microsoft FSX folder in order to carry out the installation. So when the installer doesn't find that folder, that's when you have to tell it where the Steam version is, i.e: point the installer to that C\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX folder.

Don't worry, it's nowhere near as complicated as you might imagine and will be second nature to you very soon.

And welcome to Avsim. Hope you enjoy your new aeroplane. :gaul:


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Thanks for the replies.

I meant to say the DA40 version I have is not from steam but direct from Alabeo.

I managed to manually put everything where it should go.

And its nice GA aircraft.


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