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I was flying from CYVR/KLAX at 7000 ft. approaching KLAX suddenly a CTD took place and I can not figure out why whit 64 gigs of memory i7-4790k ,GTX 1080 ti   If someone can help me whit this one I would be most appreciative, This is P3D V4.1 PMDG 747 QOTS 2 whit all the usual scenery FSDT CYVR/KLAX

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How are we suppose to figure out the reason for your crash with that info?  In the AVSIM CTD Guide we have instructions on downloading AppCrashView or looking in your Event Viewer for a faulting module which you should then post here.  It would be very helpful to us and might give us a clue as to why you had a CTD. 

Your system is not very powerful.  Only 64 GB's of RAM?? :smile:  I suspect you are thinking you can move all of your sliders to the max?  You can't.  You could have 164GB's of RAM and it is not going to help you.  The position of sliders is the only thing that will help you.  I wish it would be easy with P3D, XP11, FSX, FSX-SE, etc., to be able to install it and move all of the sliders to the max and take off and land without any problems.  It is possible but not every flightsim session.  The higher your settings the more likely you are going to have a crash or freeze as you are placing too many resources on your computer and it simply cannot handle what you are throwing at it.  You would probably have no problems running just P3DV4.1 with max sliders all of the time if you did not install the PMDG 747 and any eye-candy addons too.  Those are the sim killer and to enjoy this game, you need to work a little harder and set your sliders to positions that your computer system can handle. 

Besides the above advice, I would recommend following the guidance on page 10 of the AVSIM CTD Guide, How to Fix Most CTD's and Freezes with P3Dv4.1 as you need to investigate what is causing your crashes.  Deleting or renaming the P3D.cfg and letting it rebuild (with default settings) is probably the best suggestion in that section.  See the sidebar to the right under Hot Spots for a link to the Guide.

Best regards,


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