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How to resolve the "Error creating child window" message on P3DV3.4?


Mr. Jim Young, if you could be of assistance?


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Thanks for thinking I might be an expert for errors like this but I'm not.  If I knew of a positive solution, I would have posted it long ago as this has been going on for a long time.  All I can say about it is that it has nothing to do with Prepar3Dv3 or v4.  Thousands are having no issues whatsoever. This error has been seen in FSX, FSX-SE, and P3D.  The sims just happen to trigger the error.  For those who are getting the error, I would download and run a driver updater like Driver Booster (freeware).  I would also run a Registry Cleaner too. 

Next, if not fixed, I would figure out when the errors started.  The day you installed V3.4?  Was it an installation of a video card driver (at least one person fixed this by uninstalling/reinstalling their video card driver).  Do you have the built-in internal graphics turned on and also using an external video card from Nvidia or AMD?  In fact, most fixes came from bad installations of video card drivers.  You may have to reset your video card drivers to the default settings as you may have changed something that is conflicting with P3D.

If it was the installation of P3D, I would make sure that P3D starts up in Administrative Mode for ALL users and not just you (right click P3D.exe, select Properties, click on Compatibility tab and then make sure it states ALL users).

I would go to the Windows Update page (Settings/Windows Update or click on the search bar and type windows update).  There, in the left hand column you will see Troubleshooting.  Run the Troubleshooter.  It should tell you it fixed the problem you were having downloading updates.  Try running Windows Update again.  If that does not work, I would click on recover and go back a version and then let Windows Update reinstall it.

I see a lot of comments where they think the problem is with 4.0.30319.  It is not.  Microsoft.nets are used by developers to make sure your application is running properly.  If it sees a conflict for the add-on that might use 4.0.30319 (P3Dv3 does not), then it will trigger an error.  If you have a lot of addons that will make it harder to find the culprit but usually the last scenery is the fault.  I have found many have the scenery installed in the Scenery Library AND they made an Add-on.xml for the scenery.  Not good as they might conflict.  I had the dotnet 4.0.30319 error a couple of days ago.  It was caused by my stupidity as I had installed Orbx SoCal twice.  Since FTX did not have the ObjectFlow.dll for P3Dv4, I moved my SoCal and NoCal to a temporary folder and also the files in Scenery/World/Scenery.  I had made modifications to these files so they would be compatible with other scenery, like Taxi2Gate, FSDT, etc., and I did not want to go through all of this again.  When the ObjectFlow module was released I decided to move the files back and activate SoCal and NoCal but found I was missing some files so opened up FTX Central and they updated and fixed the missing files.  Then flew some flights in SoCal area and got a G3D and the dotnet 4.0.303.19 error.  Checked the installation and saw that FTX Central had made new folders for SoCal and NoCal and had put them in the right directory.  The ones I had in a temporary file I moved to the wrong location so it was activated twice. (Still cannot believe I make mistakes...:smile:).  Once I deleted the SoCal and NoCal files I had moved, there have been no more errors.  However, I have since disabled SoCal as I am still researching why there are stutters in this region.  IMHO, I think Orbx, in their desire to have a lot of eye-candy, threw in a lot of autogen objects and the scenery is trying to generate autogen and maybe missing objects.  I have found that disabling autogen (but keeping Scenery Complexity to the max), reduces a lot of the stuttering but there are some pauses that are almost crashes and I cannot live with that).

Last, those who are getting the child window error need to Google it as it has been around for a long time and long before Windows 10 current updates.  Most found the solution but none seemed to be the same solution (other than the video card was mentioned the most).

Good luck and thanks for asking!

Best regards,




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