Using multiple GTN750 panels in XP 11

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Just a couple of basic questions. I bought the GTN750 to work inside the Carenado DO-228 and it works fine. I notice that there are 2 GTN devices. One seems to be tied to the display unit in the 3D cockpit. The other I can bring up with a hot-key. Looks good.

Is there some way to get the unit in the 3D panel to popup? Where it is is pretty hard to read. This leads to my second question. The 2nd unit I have popping up into a 2D panel. Does the work I do in this 2nd panel reflect into the first panel?  ie can I do changes to the flight plan (or anything) in Unit 2 and have it show up in Unit 1 (on the 3D panel) ?

The USA centric vision of Garmin is annoying, but there is nothing you can do about that!

PS : sorry - just noticed that floydcox asked a similar question.


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Forget all this - I finally worked it out.

If there is another DO-228 user out there, this is what I finally worked out works.

Install as recommended.

Inside the DO-228

set RealityXP GTN750 switch - ON
On the Plugins menu

 GTN 2 - turn everything offf
 GTN 1
Select GTN 750
Select Master Device

now here is where I had a lot of trouble. The 2D panel did not show up. I think it did - but not where I could see it. So you need to SHow the Windows, then Reset Window to put it at the top right of your screen. ie

Show Window
Reset Window

You are supposed to be able to click the 3D bezel around the 3D GTN750. The thing is it barely works - or only works sometimes, or flickers off and on. What I did was assign a joystick button to it.


Assign to key/button

In the fucntion list in the XP configuration, you will see
RXP - GTN - GTN1 toggle window visibility

Then it all works ok.

One thing - the NAV radios only work Nav 1 (by default) - ie the radios on the old GNS-530. Not the Nav radios on the pedestal. That confused me for a bit.

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Hi, this sounds like either the Carenado config ended up corrupted on your system, or was wrongly designed from the first place.

we are quite busy right now preparing the next update release candidates so it will be hard to also cross check their config. Hopefully, all integration data is public and can be setup by the end user (except 3D model click spots and polygons)

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