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    After having a ton of problems with getting a response from P2ATC I finally tried just completely reinstalling from scratch and now I have a new problem...even though  I completely uninstalled the original and reinstalled a newly downloaded full copy to the same location on the same pc, when I try to enter my purchased registration key I get the following error:

  "A license key can only be activated once for any PC and on a minimum of 1 PC" ..... so I guess I need a new key now too?  This app is becoming too time consuming and frustrating to use seemingly recently.  I have been using it for quite a while with only an occasional glitch until recently.  It's getting pretty frustrating to use.

My most recent frustrations had been the minimize to taskbar bug, but that seems to be fixed with the latest update.  Now very often whenever I issue commands to ATC I get the recognition tone, but then no response to anything more complicated than a simple radio check or downwind report.  Then when it does understand, the responses have become kind of when I take off to fly patterns, report downwind...and it continually tells me how to enter the pattern as if I were flying in from another location.   But its really getting no response at all when trying to do things like intitial call on approach when I am flying in from a different location that really gets frustrating.  Nothing I do is complicated...all vfr sids/stars or anything required...should be pretty simple canned responses.

  I have done all the speech recognition training for both windoze itself and the specific P2ATC training for ground, tower, and approach and all that went fine.  I hoped a new install would clear things out and fix those issues but now I have the license frustration...




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Just send me and email ( with our license key and I can reset the license server so you can register again.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Pilot2ATC software rarely remedies any problems and always causes the license registration issue, so it is not recommended.

On the problems with the VFR Pattern, there are some missing SayIt phrases and a couple of bugs in that portion of the software that I've been working on and should be fixed in the next update.  Sorry for your frustration.


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