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There is a helpful list of product versions on

It shows e.g. T-38A - Advanced Series to have a recent update 3.171108, but two days ago I tried another download from sendowl and still got 3.160107 (and now one less available download, but that's not yet a problem). Only then I remembered the MVAMS, and could download the update there.

And I have the C310R 170808 from a different shop (realflightshop), while above page lists 171202 as the current version. The MVAMS shows the aircraft, but does not offer the updated version.

My questions are:

  • Should the C310R 171202 update be already available from other stores?
  • Should the MVAMS be able to update the C310R?
  • Is is expected that the update for the T-38A Advanced is only available via the MVAMS?



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There was a mistake on the T-38A Advanced. The MVAMS update went out but the full installer did not. Since there is a further update on the way, we will make sure this time it goes out to everyone.In the meantime 3.171108 is now available from sendowl and from the support forum.
Real Flight Shop received the latest installer on 6th Dec. They should have updated it by now. This too is available from the support forum.
Some updates will come via MVAMS, others will come as a standalone download depending on the size and complexity.

Best wishes - Kat

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Thank you, that makes it more clear!

I just sent an email to Roadburner to get access to the C310R support forum, because after reading some other posts I think there is not only the general C310R forum and the general support forum, but also a C310R-specific support forum (and similar for the other aircraft).

Others seem to be confused by this, too, see e.g. the unanswered post in ('What 310 forum? The only thing I see is the "310 general forum').

And doodlebug writes in 'Our product manuals contain clear instructions on how to get support forum access.' ... But I must admit that I can't find any hint about this in the T-38A or C310R manuals. Where should I look?

... a little bit later ... says "Product Purchase Not Needed To Join Forums!", but I just found which indicates that I should write to a different address and include order numbers. And I just see a light grey on white footer below your answer, which indicates the need for a proof of purchase, too, but again with a different email address.

I'll just send a new mail including the order details, but it would be nice if all available information would be consistent with each other, otherwise it is too confusing.

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Yes - you are right - we will be revamping the forums and will do our best to make the information clear and consisitent


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Meanwhile my forum access was activated and I was able to download the updated installer for the C310R.

Thank you!

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