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Simulation just stops (not a CTD)

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This is my problem, the 737 simulation just stops. After 2 to 5 seconds Prepar3d begins loading a scenario. If you are flying a new scenario, Prepr3d loads the default scenario. If you are flying a saved scenario, Prepar3d loads the saved scenario.

For example, a flight from Christchurch to Queenstown via waypoint RY abruptly ends about 20 miles from RY. Prepar3d loads the default scenario which is the F22 raptor at Elgin AFB. I saved a scenario about 50 miles from RY. Let's call it NZ One. The sim abruptly stops about 20 miles from Ry and Prepar3d loads NZ One which will again stop about 20 miles from Ry. If I exit Prepar3d entirely and start from scratch the same abrubt stop occurs whether it is a new flight or a loaded scenario. This occurs on other flights also. On a few occasions, a flight has completed successfully but this error occurs roughly 90 per cent of the time. When it does occur, it happens in the same place geographically as opposed to at the same elapsed time in the sim. This only occurs in Prepar3d V4. The sim works fine in Prepar3d V3.  All other aircraft work fine as far as I can tell.

System is Windows 10 with an i7 and 16Gb of RAM with a GEForce graphics card.  Standard hardware (Thrustmaster T1000 joystick, CH Controls Rudder Pedals and Throttle Quadrant, and TrackIR) and addons (FSUIPC, ORBX Scenery, Pilot's Mesh, REX Textures, GTN 750/650 (not used by 737 NGX), and ChasePlane).

Any suggestions on the causes and remedies for this behavior would be most appreciated.



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Welcome to the PMDG forums, please note their rules requiring the use of our full names on all posts:

Something is triggering your P3D to reset, it might be a false crash detection (always keep crash detection in the simulator turned off) or one of your active addons (an addon that uses a dll or exe module to interface with P3D) causing the reset.  Happening the same place geographically is a clue but I'm not sure how to interpret it.  Are you using the Navigraph Charts application to track your flights?

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