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Milton Waddams

Question for anyone running sli with P3D v4

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Does running sli in v4 really make a difference in performance or is it a waste of time and money?

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Most of the time it makes no significant difference...but when heavily loaded--e.g. driving a 4K monitor with aggressive AA, acft and airfield addons using HD textures plus five layers of clouds, rain, dynamic lighting, etc, I can keep things super smooth with frame rates at my 30 fps vsync lock with two SLI cards...not always so with just one, even when it's a 1080Ti.

As is generally true, going after the tail of the bell curve to get that last ounce of performance is never cheap.  If you can hold your nose and look the other way when frames drop into the teens while flying a night approach into bad wx at a complex add-on airport, then you can do without it.  And you can certainly manage your flight conditions to mostly avoid those situations.  I like to charge ahead with impunity, hence two SLI 1080Ti GPUs. Worth it?  To me, yes.  To many others, probably not.  It's value is all in the eye of the beholder.  I know guys that aren't golf pros that pay $175 every Sunday to play a round of golf with a $4000 set of golf clubs, too.  ;-)


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Thanks for your input, I was sort of thinking the same thing but just wanted to confirm.

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