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In the past I was able to use the ILS approaches allowing me to accurately land on the appropriate runway. The altitude did not work but that was not a problem since I could manually descend. I can no longer use the ILS approaches. When pressing "approach" the plane turns in directions other than the funnel indicates  the direction it should take. I use Active Sky 16 and more often than not weather is such that I have to descend to 1500 ft before the runway is visible if I am lucky. I am taking this hobby one step further and have started trying to understand Sid's and Stars. It also occurs to me that Navigraph and FS Aerodata may play a role in the problem I have. I have been trying to find instructions on how they affect the ILS approaches but no luck so far.

Any guidance in helping me understand this concept will be appreciated. Thanks a lot.


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LNM displays the ILS frequencies from the simulator and not from the Navigraph data. So, the frequencies you see in the information window and the map should match to what is actually in the simulator and used by the aircraft instruments.

Accidentally backcourse enabled? And yes, many ILS in FS are not correctly placed and will guide you into the grass often.

I'd try the approach in a default plane and check if the autopilot behaves the same way.


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