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I remember from previous texture addons that most people ended up using specific sets because they simply were the best. Now I know it's early days yet but I'd already like to ask that if you find a specific set that you think really stands out, be it clouds, skies, sun/atmospherics, moon/phases, lighting/effects or sounds, please share it here!

For now I have installed the number one sets of everything (apart from the sounds) because I find it too hard too choose (what else is new) but I am open for suggestions!

BTW I also installed the 10 Day Cycle 01: take note that, as the interface says, you don't have to pick and install any seperate dawn, day or dusk sets if you do so! The nice thing about the 10 day cycle is that you will get something different every day (well, for 10 days and then it starts all over again. Obviously.). It's not as random as ASCA but it does make things more varied.

If no suggestions ever come up I am considering (yes, seriously) to be brave enough to hit the Random button... :happy: After all it is a handy way to find textures you might really love!

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Envtex For Sky with ASCA.

AS For weather. Cloud Draw set to 200 nm.

SF I am after the softest look I can get. DT5 Texture res 512




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Just remember that DXT puts more workload on the CPU. 32 bit will offload more work on to the GPU. I'm running 32 bit 1024x1024 because of this to save work from the CPU. 

As far as favorite textures, I am using one of the high numbered sets as to me the first 10 or so seem more summer like.

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