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TileProxy/FSX on Windows 8

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Seems that I've had more issues running Tileproxy on windows 8, than I ever had, running it on Windows Vista! With Vista, it was running as smooth as warm butter across toast and the photorealistic graphics, were incredible! With Windows 8, on the other hand, it's like having a cavity with the nerve exposed, a complete pain in the butt. Freezes the loading of FSX, in between 34% and 42% and the only way to get FSX to finish loading, is to close Tileproxy and afterwards, restart it once FSX has finished loading and then, you still don't get the photorealistic graphics! Not saying that it's Tileproxy's fault, cause I don't believe that for an instant, but I do believe that it's Windows 8 fault and the first chance that I get, I'll be buying a new laptop and installing Vista back onto it.

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