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How to mark a thread as "solved"?

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I want to ask, how to mark a thread as "Problem solved" or something like that?

In many communities it is a feature, to mark threads in that way, that helps members with one view, whether thy can find fast solutions in the thread.

If it is not possible, you should think about it. It is a very useful and timesaving feature. 

Thanks for answering.

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AVSIM does not have that capability other than to create a Prefix stating "SOLVED".

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Just type Solved in the tag box and then click on prefix below that and select the tag 'Solved' and it will be converted to a prefix.  If solved within two hours, you can do it as you have two hours to edit your topic.  If it is outside the two hours, you can report the topic (inside the topic there is a Report Post) and tell one of our moderators to make a Solved Prefix (it will be done if considered appropriate or valid).  I requested Prefixes a year ago and we are still awaiting their arrival.  The Prefixes program might have 'solved' as an option (or resolved) and, if so, I will make it happen.  In the old program, I was able to make up any Prefix and many of those still exist as they were converted with our new website.  The software requires updating so I made the request some time ago.  But, right now, this is the only way it can be done.  It is great where anyone can type any prefix they want (but it will probably be removed if considered inappropriate and shown as a tag instead). 

In the old system, there was a program where one could click "Best Answer" inside the post that had the best answer but that did not work very well as it is the eye of the beholder as to what is the best answer. 

If you have further questions, please let me know!

Best regards,


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