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Duncan Odgers

DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

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Hi Community,

Hope you can help. I had an issue  (still have more on that later) whereby at Dusk and Night time only I get a DXGI error reset or hung message within 20 minutes without fail! In the daytime and as I write I am happily cruising in the Daytime in PMDG 777 at x8 time compression en-route to SBGL all is good!


My specs are 4670 i5, GTX650ti Boost 2GB, 8gb Ram, Windows 10 and an SSD. I have modest settings and have maintained all standard settings I am on Nvidia Driver 388 and it must be said I have never had this issue ever, I remember when people were complaining on Prepar3d forums about it and I have never ever suffered this error, yes sometimes a CTD but never DXGI errors. My situation is repeatable let me explain

PMDG777 or FSL A320 doesn't matter which at Aerosoft EGLL Dusk or Night-time, I set up the FMC, turn on taxi and landing lights all good, then I pushback and then turn on the internal aircraft lights i.e overhead and PFDs etc...within a few minutes I sometimes make it to the runway but then get the DXGI error. When I do exactly the same in the daytime guess what NO error (well I don't turn on the internal lights)?!?

I have reinstalled Windows 10 and Prepar3d 4.2 fully completed the same steps and still the same issue. My software is as follows:


Aerosoft EGLL


Aerosoft Mallorca Evolution (not sure if this is the culprit as when I installed it things have happened, anyone else get this?)

ORBX Global, LC Europe,England


FSL A320 without spotlights


I have never had this issue and desperate to find the cause of why dusk and night time only?


Kind regards



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