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Im a user of prepar3dv4.2

I would like to know if there is a way to fly online with another users. I know there is VATSIM, IVAO, ETC...but...sometimes, we only need to see other users without having communication by atc. (im still studying)

i have connected with projectfly, but i can only see the planes on map, not on screen with me.

can someone recommend or explain to me?

yes, im a beginner.


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I am not sure what you could connect to!

If its anything like fsx multiplayer that Airforceproud 95 uses on You Tube with a massive following you won't learn anything but an appreciation of Vatsim and IVAO.

The buzz word in flight sim is "immersion" and everything in my opinion falls a long way short of  what Vatsim and IVAO offer for free.

Stick with real as it gets Vatsim and IVAO, I know you want to break yourself in gently, best take the plunge online, mess up and go again.

we have all been there.

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My friend,

We have a Shared Cockpit / Multiplayer forum here on AVSIM, and you'll likely get a more targeted response by posting in that forum.

I would move your post for you, but (I'm guessing) that due to some software changes here at AVSIM I no longer have the ability to move your post to that forum (which I moderate... or I suppose USED to moderate).  I've posted the direct link to the forum below.

You'll find some information is already posted in that forum which will likely be of great assistance to you.  I did a Google Search for AVSIM Multiplayer and it came right up in my search.

Here's the link:


Best wishes.


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