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Lorby Live Traffic: how to add your own models

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Hello @ll,

there have been many question about how you expand the aircraft mapping database with your own models, for example for GA.

This is relatively easy:

  1. Assuming that you normally use one of the pre-built databases, for example BVAI
  2. Use the "Configure" button to get to the database management dialog
  3. Use the "Open Explorer" button and navigate to the folder containing your own models
  4. Press "Scan folder"
  5. The app will read the models contained in that folder and add them to the end of the "Aircraft models" listNow check each new line if the "ICAO Type" and "ICAO Airline" columns have correct values. If they don't, use the right-hand list to add them - highlight the row in the main list, and then doubleclick on the correct ICAO code in the right list.
  6. When you have finished, press "Save changes".


I am using BVAI mostly, but that collection doesn't have any Embraer 190s. But I have UTL too, so I do this:


in 3. I navigate to the folder that contains the E190 in UTL: "C:\Program Files\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic Live\utLive Aircraft\E90"

4. adds 17 E90 models to the end of my BVAI database list

5. They have have been correctly mapped to the ICAO code "E190", but the column with the airlines is completely empty.
5a. I swtich the right list to "Airline" with the radio button at the top
5b: I enter "Jetblue" in the empty textbox belo the ICAO list and press "Fliter"
5c. The right list only contains "JBU | JetBlue Airways" now.
5d. I hold down the "Ctrl" key and click once on each of the Jetblue E190s in the left list, so the rows are highlighted in blue
5e. Now I doubleclick on the "JBU | JetBlue Airways" row in the right list
5f. the E90s in the left list now have the "JBU" ICAO code in the last column
5g: repeat for each missing airline. When using the filter, be mindful of spelling - Jetblue could have been "Jet Blue" too - so if you don't find an airline, try using fewer charactes (in this case for example "blue").
6. Pressed "Save changes"
7. Now I have started my sim, went to EDDM, and finally I have a Lufthansa Cityline Embraer.

Further notes:

- Make sure that you don't scan too many aircraft at the same time - focus on the models that you really need. It gets confusing otherwise.

- Make sure not to overwrite the default database. If BVAI is selected, NEVER scan the BVAI folder. That would destroy all mappings in the database.

- If you do screw up your defaults, you can reset them with the "Restore default" button - or by deleting the LLTX Files folder in \Documents.

Best regards



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