Extending FS2004 scenery across two monitors

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I have searched FS2004 topics and not found an answer to my problem. I have two identicle Viewsonic

monitors that I would like to use as one display. I have been trying to do this ever since I downloaded

the Unigine benchmarks Valley and Heaven. They have a setting called "Wall 2x1" which produces the

desired result, and the effect is amazing, giving a huge panoramic view. Is there a similar setting in

FS2004 which has the same effect?, perhaps in a configuration file?  I had intended to use it in 2d panel

view without the cockpit and use a panel made up of Simplugins panel builder on a smaller monitor.

I am hoping that someone has tried this before and I would love to hear from you. Thanks in advance. RegT


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This is extremely easy to do. I assume your video card has two outputs? You simply plug both your monitors into the two DVI outputs on your vid card. Then, right opposite click your mouse, choose the selection which brings up your video peripherals. Select however you wish to manage your two monitors. Easy.

Many of us cockpit builders are using the Matrox (Digital) Triplehead2go. In our Boeing 757 simulator we are actually using (2) Tripleheads.


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Pebble Beach, 

Many thanks for your reply. Your Boeing simulator is as real as it gets. Wonderful1 I am using two old monitors with only VGA sockets so I have one plugged into the VGA socket on the video card and the other into the DVI socket by way of a VGA to DVI converter. It works O.K. with the Unigine benchmarks "Valley " and "Heaven".The graphics card is a GeForce GTX 650 Ti. Am I expecting too much from this set up?

Incidently I have been looking into the prog "WidevieW". Will this work?


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Thanks to PebbleBeach,who put me on the right track, I am now in the process of getting a Matrox Tripleheadf2 go, which is,apparently the only way to extend the scenery in FS2004 across two or three monitors. This facility is not built in to either Windows or Microsoft FS

I researched WidevieW,but that works by having a separate PC for

each monitor,so it is quite expensive.. I think it appropriate to close this topic by saying I should have done my own homework before rushing into the forum , hoping others with more knowledge than I, would save me the the time and effort., and for that I apologise.

Best wishes to you all, RegT



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