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Use any Android moving map app in P3D v3 or Xplane 11 for VR flying

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Ive found a way to get any android moving map app to work in either P3d V3 or xplane 11
for a windows 7 pc   ( note for windows 10 the method might be easier ? )

for example: works with any android app


Garmin Pilot
FltPlan Go  ( this ones new on android  looks really well done )

use https://apkpure.com/ for installing apps on you tablet
that dont  show in the default google play store

Note :
the following method works perfect using flyinside VR software (creating a virtual window )
( but also can work with occulus dash if you own a touch controller
 which dash needs to work as their no mouse support in dash)


1 ) Using a flyinside virtual window

 first you must own a real android tablet or phone  !!!

(I bought a 2nd hand 10.1 inch tablet off gumtree for only 15 GBP including delivery )

next you can cast you real tablets screen to your windows 7 pc using  Vysor software
with its built in chrome extention


install vysor on you tablet and add the extention to chrome browser on your pc

set you tablet to debuging mode and plug in you android tablet to your pc
via a usb data tranfer cable and the vysor chrome extention will pick it up
and shown a your tablets screen on the  windows 7 desktop

this virtual android screen is  fully selectable as a virtual window using flyinside !!!!


2 ) Connect your tablet to your pc

install connectify

and create a virtual hotspot on your pc

then connect your real android tablet to the connectify hot spot
Note : give permissons to your firewall to enable your tablet to connect
to the created hotspot  (connectify-me)

great so now your tablets connected to you pc for sending data !!


3 ) Get your aircrafts position showing on your tablet

download from  google app store the following GPS to Andriod apps

Xplane 10 or 11   its 

X-Plane to GPS

P3D v3 its


for FSX2Android to work with P3D v3
the simconnect installer needs to be installed from fspassengers site


now your planes postion will show on your real Android tablet

and because its showing on the real tablet screen
it will also cast to your pc desktop screen aswell !!!



now you can fly detailed IFR routes using VR without lifting the headset


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..what about the X-Plane build in VR, can it work too or only flyInside ???


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Hi N1125Y

for Xplane 11 VR build flying

I think you can create a virtual andriod tablet screen with occulus dash  that will show up onscreen when flying in xplane 11 VR mode

create a virtual window using occulus dash and apply vysor to the dash virtual window

should give the same result  - an android tablet in the cockpit for vr flying

( but you will need at least one touch controller to manipulate the dash screen )

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I originally got the idea from watching some vids from  ontheglideslope for vr flying


where he was casting an ipad app - foreflight   from his real ipad into his vr cockpit

and thought is there a way to do the same for android ?? as androids the cheaper option


so I did a bit of research and found the vysor android app that could do the same




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