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Phantom F4 in Xplane11

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Hi John,

  Nice pictures.


What is your secret for flying this F-4 in X-plane 11? When ever I try to fly it close to what  real F-4 fly like I either over speed the flaps or just plain crash. I use to work on real F-4E sims in the Air Force and have hundreds of hours behind the stick. Also was lucky to get 1.5 hours of "Real aircraft " F-4C time and the flight model in X-plane when the settings are set to "Real" are not very close.


I will say that the "Real" F-4C was much easier to fly than our F-4E sim and at that time I only had most of my real flying time in Cessna and Pipers. The sim was touchy only because we did not have computers and interfaces that were quick enough to keep up with the jets flight dynamics.


Still I enjoyed viewing your pictures and hope someday to be able to fly X-plane's F-4 withoht crashing.





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