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  1. Robert, I do not remember the FPS I had at 4K but it was somewhere between 30 and 40. I do not have that TV hooked up to the computer and am using my older 40 inch Samsung which is a native 1080p. If all I was interested in was the size of the screen, I probably would have saved the money and went with another larger 1080 model. I was hoping the 4K resolution would make a significant difference in the image quality in X-plane 11. I never really got to explore this due to the font size problems (too small) Terry
  2. Then why do they fly clean (no Tank) sometimes? They do have high and low shows to work around wx but even in a D model, they should be able to fly a 20 to 30 minute show on internal fuel only. Kind of hard to believe that maintenance cannot drop the tank if it had been installed to ferry the jet to the show. What about the others, did they come with or without tanks? Was this show in England? Then they would have had tankers support across the pond. Maybe it is a inside joke the team has to get people talking about why they would fly a tank? Who knows. Terry
  3. Did anyone notice that the number 4 slot bird was a two seat and was flying with a center line tank? Any idea why they might be doing this? Number 4 does not do this at all shows and did not notice anything special in the dash-1 (flight manual) My guess why 4 is a two seater is that it can be used to train/critique the formation and do VIP rides . Usually number 8 is the press bird which is also a two seat but no center-line on it. Any Thunderbird members or experts out there that can shed some light on this? Terry
  4. Rob, Thanks for the video., especially the tip on turning on the HDMI ports for 4K res. I originally bought my Samsung 50 inch 6300 series to be my computer monitor but moved it to the living-room to be a TV. While it was a nice picture, it was not a great picture hooked up to my FIOS box. Now that the HDMI 4 K ports are turned on, wow the picture jumps off the screen. I wonder why the factory does not turn these on at the factory? If it were not for the X-plane menus being so small I can barely see them with a magnifying glass on that 4K set, I would move the 50 inch back to the computer and try it again. Side note about the 30 vs 60 Hz part of your video. I tried X-plane 11 at 30 Hz on my 40 inch Samsung 5200 series 1080p which is now my computer monitor. At first the flicker of the 30Hz bothered me as I only see in mono vision. (one eye) The video while seeming kind of washed out was super smooth with my GTX 980 on a stock i7 4790 system.Now I can crank up all the sliders to the right except the AA which I stop at x4. Also it seemed liked some of the aircraft textures/dirt really stood out too. All of this from just watching your test report . Thanks Terry
  5. You are right. Was a waste of money trying to use the 4K tv as a monitor so it got moved to the living room. Was not the size I was hoping for out there but bigger than the previous 42 inch model. Terry
  6. Can see a pic but cannot read any details Sorry Terry
  7. Eric, Only saw one pic which was the 200% and had to use the mag glass (my own and not in windows) to read the page. The cpu/ gpu block I keep talking about is the one you can select to show how your computer is running x-plane Not sure which part of the "Pull-down" menu it is in but you can find tons of other sim stuff to view and evaluate there. Tried that magnifier built in windows and almost got sea sick looking at it as it scrolls across the sim's page. Maybe if there was some sort of zoom in/out function, kind of like Track IR, it could increase the size just as long as you needed it to be read or to make some menu selection. Terry
  8. Window 10 and "NO" the menu does NOT get larger when you select the user interface size near the bottom of the page. That and the GPU / CPU data black does not either. That is what I have been trying to tell everyone . They must be controlled by some other outside instructions in the x-plane program. I can make the icons and anything on the windows desktop as big as I want or need. Only this small part of X-plane is currently non-control-able Special note: I can get a similar output by going into the Nvidia control panel of my GTX 980 and selecting the DSR 4 times mode. This makes the program think it is being reducer at 4 K but display on the 1080p screen. Actually what I see on the screen looks like what the 50 inch 4 k tv displayed without DSR on the video card selected. Bottom line is no matter if it is a real 4 K video or a simulated DSR 4 K video, the menus in x-plane are too small for me to read while flying without the aid of hi powered magnification (magnifying glass and my nose just inches from the glass) I am blind in one eye and a macular hole in the other which means not real good vision in that one either. Even if I still had 20/20, the menus are too small to see. When I went to the x-plane site to file a discrepancy on this, the instructions want some sort of system data download at the time of the error. What is so difficult in saying that the pull down menus are too small to read at the 4K resolution? Please just fix it. Terry
  9. Thanks, I was under the impression that it was going to be similar to the 737 or MD082 and not like the carry over DC-10 from past version of X-plane. Guess we will have to buy traditional aircraft if we get tired of the stock default models. Terry
  10. Sorry no picture available. I have given up trying to get a readable menu on a 50 inch 4 K screen. Have gone back to the much smaller 40 inch screen that is only 1080p. Sounds weird but with the lower resolution/size screen, X-plane fonts/menus work better. I did find the folder in X-plane called fonts and it is full of all sizes of fonts so I know for a fact that they are there if only someone is smart enough to be able to tell the larger font where to display and at what time to do it. I am not that person but someone out there is, be it a X-plane user or staff member. Terry
  11. Did I dream this story that X-plane had a Default A-320 in work? Terry
  12. Done that and it does NOT control the size of the menu and or the data box with cpu/gpu info. It only adjust the size of the interface settings "Once" you are in that mode. What I and lots of others are having problems with is trying to get there when you have a mouse pointer that is many times larger than the menu you are trying to click on and or see. hence my ref to using "Electron microscopes" (these are used to see very small items too small to view with optical microscopes) in order to see the writing in the menu. Terry
  13. Some time ago I thought someone mentioned that a A-320 was in the works for X-Plane 11. Also was this going to be a default aircraft or payware? Thanks Terry
  14. Eric Where do I find this location to change the menu size? As I mentioned before, it is only the menu and gpu/cpu data box that are too small to read in 4K. the settings in the graphic user interface is readable when I select the 200 or 300% selector near the bottom of the screen. My vision is not what use to be. Cannot fly real aircraft any more and only limited driver license so this is why I need a large screen and readable fonts especially when going up to the hi resolution of 4K Terry
  15. I am not versed in writing code for X-Plane. If I were I would take what is already there the tells the menu and data box what size to be and what size and type of fonts to use. It would be written to say if your default/custom display is 1080, you will be this set of values. Then if the default / custom setting is other than that (4K, 8K, etc) increase those values by the number of K increase. If it is 4K then 4 time, 8 K 8times , etc. This should in theory keep those fields,boxes or menus at least their original size. If this be so then we should be able to read without cheaters, magnifying glasses , or electron microscopes. : ) Do we have any programmers out there that can test this out or someone that can forward this idea to the X-Plane design staff? Terry