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  1. I realize that the 11.50 beta is the big thing right now, but for the basic X-Plane 11 program I would like to be able to use a "Graphical" (Map) based way to plan a flight :Inside" X-Plane. This use to be the way Microsoft allowed you to flight plan in their previous version years ago. Since the X-Plane map only shows the scenery files loaded, that does not allow for a very long flight to be generated as describe. Yes I know their are external flight planing programs that can be imported into X-Plane but that requires going in and out of the sim/full screen view. Is there some work-around with the infamous ATC flight planning in X-Plane that could be turned into a map view? Being able to see fixes, transitions, and dep/app would greatly help in flight planning and make it a little more realistic rather than putting a departure and arrival airport into the FMC and then flying between the two points. If this is not possible with the current X-Plane 11, it definitively should be part of X-Plane 12 and beyond. Anyone else out there have the same feelings? Terry
  2. Sorry moderator but this post was the first one where I asked about CPU cooling. Unfortunately, no responses so that I when I went to the more general post/question. My bad but looks like we all gained valuable information on air vs. water cooling. Terry PS: Sorry about having to post a new item to explain : )
  3. Rob, Since my Corsair H100i is only 240mm, replacing it with a Corsair H150 with 360 or 420mm radiator should allow for lower temps and less fan noise? Right now in order to keep the noise level under control, I have the max fan setting at 55 percent on a custom curve with temps at 40C. I realize that you cannot get temps below room temp unless you have some sort of refrigeration cooling but would like to have enough excess cooling capacity to reduce the need for the fans turning 2400-2600 rpm. Right now they turn around 1400 rpm when I have the cooling cure set to the above 55 percent max level. I have the space in the Fractal R6 USB-C case for a larger top radiator now since I have removed all of the additional drive bays to optimize the air flow from the two front case fans. Also should I consider a 140 mm fan vs the 120 mm? Generally the larger fan turns slower to move the d same volume of air although looking at Corsairs site, it appears that the opposite is the fact. The 120 is turning 1600 rpm and the 140 mm is turning 2400 rpm at max speeds. Since I not or considering overclocking the 9900K, I know the max temps will never reach a point to thermal throttle my system. I just want a quiet running box sitting on the desk that can run anything that X-Plane orMicrosoft might throw at it. Terry PS: I wonder how much the EVGA RTX 2080 is heating up the air going through the AIO? It has been running in the low 50's under load (X-Plane 11.41) and 45-48C at idle. Since it is directly below the AIO cooler even with the rear fan between them, could this extra heat be putting more strain on the CPU cooling system? I only have a 1080P Samsung 40 inch TV/monitor right now. If I were to put a 4K monitor in the system, would that heat up the video card generating 4K vs 1080P?
  4. Thanks to all that replied. Currently my system has a Corsair H100i cooler that keeps the 9900K at around 29C (idle) and 38C at load running X-Plane 11.41 at 1080P thru a RTX 2080. FPS are around the low 50s without wx and 40-80 with wx depending on geographic location. Scenery at max or high and graphic settings all one notch left of max. Will be interesting to see the numbers once Vulcan is released to the general X-Plane 11 population. Terry
  5. Problems would be pump failure, coolant leaks and increased general and preventive maintenance. More moving parts. With air/passive not as many of the above apply. Generally just a good dusting/filter clean as required. Terry
  6. I guess no one is using the Mugen5 air cooler for the 9900K so I will ask if anyone is using any similar type of Air Cooler for the 9900K which will stay un-overclocked. (factory setting out of the box/cube) Looking for super quiet operation no water/AIO problems down the road. Thanks Terry
  7. Anyone using the Mugen 5 cooler on their i9 9900k/ (not over clocked) https://www.scytheus.com/aircooler-mugen5 Thanks Terry
  8. I have viewed several websites that review TVs and it looks like the OLED screens will be getting pretty cheep this year. The LG B9 65 inch is now $1699 at Best Buys. This is the same price as for the Samsung QLED 80R in the same size. Both would I be live to be great screens for flight simming. If by chance you were not happy, you still have a very nice TV. Terry
  9. Thanks everyone for your inputs. If I only could hook the computer up to the holographic projectors I think X-plane would be pretty good. Maybe that option will be part of X-plane 12. 🙂 Terry
  10. Unless you never move around the cockpit, I do not think the burn in thing would be much of a problem. We had some burn in problems with our radar scopes in the F-4E sims back in the late 70s but they were regular CRTs that ran nearly 24 hours a day. I do want to step up to a large display as I only have a 1080P 40 inch Samsung TV to sim on. Terry
  11. If no OLED users out there, what are the next best. Any QLED users? I know, everyone is changing to 82 inch 8K screens. Will there ever be scenery textures/ resolution detailed enough to demand high end TV/monitors? Terry
  12. Anyone out there using a OLED TV for their monitor in X-Plane or any other flight sim program? Terry
  13. I would like to know if my computer temps are cool enough while running X-Plane 11.41. Being new to the water cooled world of AIOs, the temp I see at the cooler is quite different from the actual CPU and graphic card readings. My system is a i9 9900K (no overclocking) a RTX 2080 Black Edit (two fans) and the cooler is a Corsair H100i Platinum, and the case is a Fractal Define R6 (front door open and metal top removed.( Louvered filter closure in place) The case has two stock 120 mm fans in the front and one 120 mm in the rear. The Corsair AIO cooler is top mounted with the fans on top of the cooler in the pull position. The computer idles at 29.5 to 31C depending on the room temperature. I like to stay and warm at a nice 77-78F during the winter months. Not quite sure what that is in Centigrade. Under load running X-plane, the cooler runs 38 to 43C depending on the scenery being generated. I am running most of the sliders full right except the AA and the reflections (X4 and low) The Corsair Icue program shows the CPU package running at 70 to 72C and the RTX 2080 also is in the 70 to 73C range. As soon as I shut down X-plane, the GPU temps drops to 50C and in a minute or so the fans are spun down from 1600 to 1900 rpm to zero. The CPU case drops to 50 to 60 C and within a minute or two the temps are basically what the cooler temp is reading. Not knowing how well the water block and CPU were mated together and what kind of thermal compound was applied, are the numbers I am seeing considered in the normal range for a computer with these specs? The only way I can get the under load temps down on the cooler is to ramp the fans speed up to the full mil/afterburner range which is quite load. I was under the impression that water cooled systems were super quiet. I just did not realize that was at idle only. Looking for ways to be both cool and quiet. Terry
  14. Sorry to have posted this problem in the X-Plane section of this forum. I did not know there was a dedicated Zibo forum over at X-plane. Thanks for the link. Terry
  15. To everyone that took the time to read this post, thanks. From the lack of comments, it must be that the Zibo mod 737 does not effect your normal X-Plane 11 settings. I guess since that vast numbers of us will never get to the flight deck of the 737, knowing how the jet is suppose to feel is not as important as to flying to different airports around the world or what ever the reason we are sitting behind the computer screen. Simulators can be great training tools if used correctly, and can also be great entertainment . How and why we use them is up to us to decide. Thanks for your time, Terry
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