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  1. Cat_Dad

    Mac vs PC

    Thanks to all for your responses and inputs. Nothing I have seen here so far has made me want to go out and buy a Mac. Terry
  2. I have only used a Windows PCs for X-Plane 10 and now 11. I have heard professional video editors like the Mac for it's image quality. Besides costing a bunch more to buy, does X-Plane 11 run better on the Mac or PC? Also with the updated Vulcan coding to be released in the future, would a Mac be able to take advantage of it? Terry
  3. I too do not understand the DSR feature of the Nvidia card. When I tried it in X-plane 11, I was able to change the monitor resolution from the native 1920 x 1080 to a 2100 something (4K) in the X-plane graphic page. Also on the Nvidia resolution setting I seem to remember being able to set a 4K resolution there too. I only have a GTX 980 video card and do not think it could handle the simulated 4K output of the DSR program. That and I could not read the frame counter at the top of my 40" monito/TV as the print was barely readable with a magnifying glass. With the sim graphic setting at least 3/4 or higher in X-plane 11, I can fly at the native resolution without DSR at 30-50 FPS depending on the scenery complexity. My only problem is the jittery image and the lack of a decent distant visual image. For me DSR did not clear this up so I do not use it. Hope you have better luck with your new system. Terry
  4. Cat_Dad

    Phantom F4 in Xplane11

    Hi John, Nice pictures. What is your secret for flying this F-4 in X-plane 11? When ever I try to fly it close to what real F-4 fly like I either over speed the flaps or just plain crash. I use to work on real F-4E sims in the Air Force and have hundreds of hours behind the stick. Also was lucky to get 1.5 hours of "Real aircraft " F-4C time and the flight model in X-plane when the settings are set to "Real" are not very close. I will say that the "Real" F-4C was much easier to fly than our F-4E sim and at that time I only had most of my real flying time in Cessna and Pipers. The sim was touchy only because we did not have computers and interfaces that were quick enough to keep up with the jets flight dynamics. Still I enjoyed viewing your pictures and hope someday to be able to fly X-plane's F-4 withoht crashing. Terry
  5. Cat_Dad

    Visual Glideslopes

    It is good to know that I am not the only one "Not" seeing things correctly. Terry
  6. Cat_Dad

    Visual Glideslopes

    I have tried multiple airports with various aircraft and have not had any luck with seeing red. Only white. The red ed of runway lights show up well so I know my eyeball can still see red. From my Air Force flight sim days, I learned that you might fix one problem and in the process unintentionally create many more. I am using stock everything, the way X-plane 11 is sent out to us. No add-on anything. Maybe that is the problem? Thanks for all of the responses to this thread. Terry
  7. Cat_Dad

    Visual Glideslopes

    The drivers are the NVIDIA 391.01 that just came out. Would not work on the last several versions either. No plug ins or reshaders, only what the stock X-plane 11 and current versions/betas include. Will see if I can take a picture to post Terry
  8. Cat_Dad

    Visual Glideslopes

    i7 4790 16 Gb ram GTX 980 which gives me 60 plus FPS with zero wx turned on and depending on the scenery detail mid 30's. I am displaying all of this on a 40 inch Samsung 1080p TV. Don't believe the hardware is the problem. I turned on the "Windshield Effects" box and the runway lead-in lights started sequencing but still no VASI or PAPI lights working other than them just glowing "White" no matter what elevation you are to the end of the runway. I thought the windshield effects only made the rain drops eat up more of your computing power. With hundreds of real world flying hours and thousands more in military and civilian flight sims, I guess I can fly a visual approach without looking at a VASI or PAPI. I only wish I can figure out why mine are not working as they are suppose to. Terry Special note: Even the alternating red/white lights which denote the last 2000 feet and finally the all red 1000 feet remaining have and are still working correctly so it is not a "Seeing Red" problem.
  9. Cat_Dad

    Visual Glideslopes

    It never worked and I have the latest beta VR5.
  10. Cat_Dad

    Visual Glideslopes

    After flying both day and night approaches to both runways at YMHB, neither displayed on my copy of X-plane 11.20 with the corrected indications found in the Airman Information Manual (AIM) dated 10-12-17 page 2-1-4 fig 2-1-5. While my eyesight is not good any more, my color vision is still good. I get no red lights when going below the glide path. Lights remain white only. That leads me back to my original question of is there some box that needs to be checked or turned on that controls runway lights like the lead in /rabbits and the VASI/PAPI lights? Terry
  11. Cat_Dad

    Visual Glideslopes

    All airports to include KORD, KFWA.KABQ KLAX etc Yes to the HDR enabled all settings tested and no working vis slopes. Terry
  12. Does the visual glide slopes work in X-Plane 11..20VR5? I see four white only lights at the end of the runway and they never change color or do anything no matter how high/low I fly them, The runway REIL lights do blink OK if installed. Also the Rabbits (lead in lights do not sequence either. They shine but that is all. Do I have to activate something in the program to get the above light to work correctly? Anyone else experiencing this problem too? Terry
  13. All fixed, I hope. It was the anti-virus part of the Windows Defender program that thought the X-Plane program was some sort of malicious beast. It would let me run the program but not change it by saving a new situation file. As soon as I turned that switch to off in Defender, X-plane was working correctly again. Terry
  14. Pretty sure no on the virus but think the MS Defender is somehow blocking access to save the X-plane files. Terry
  15. I can load previously saved situations with no problems noted. Just cannot save a "NEW" situation in X-plane Terry