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If this is all spelled out in a FAQ, please point me to it. I'm looking for the a faithful simming experience to help me train for an IFR rating on X-Plane and Pilotedge.  My RW plane has Garmin Touch Screens and a GTN Navigator.

Some Newbie pre-purchase questions:

1) When it reads on the buy page $50 for "2 devices per panel / Windows only" Does this mean a virtual GTN 650 and a GTN 750? If so, I don't see such a combo download option, please point me there. 

2) Can I use Reality XP GTNs with any Simulator aircraft I own within X-Plane? I don't need to purchase a new license for each plane, do I? 

3) I don't wish to integrate the GTN Navigator(s) into a virtual panel. In fact, on the Aerobask Panthera sim I've been training i, I pop the windows out so I can see them better anyway.  Does this mean I can use Reality XP with any plane in X-Plane?  

4) I find the GTNs in the Aerobask Panthera are a little glitchy, have less functionality, and don't operate exactly as the GTN in my RW airplane. I assume since Reality XP GTNs are based on the Garmin Trainer it will be more faithful, am I correct?

5) My RW plane has Garmin G3X Touch EFIS screens so I'm used to that, can you recommend any X-Plane models that have Touch Screen EFIS the way the Aerobask Panthera does? In this case it's a Dynon PFD and MFD.

6) If there are no other good touch screen planes, would it be possible to use a Reality XP GTN 650 in the Aerobask Panthera and not use the ones built in? (assuming the Reality XP GTN has more fidelity to the RW ones.)

Thanks for the help, looking forward to trying Reality XP.



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I'll answer the first questions, but it might be better other customers with the Panthera help you out with these ones. I think there has been discussions about this aircraft in our forums though in the past, maybe a mod in the official panel configuration thread as well.

These are 2 devices of the same type, which you can add into any aircraft. Obviously, depending on the aircraft complexity, it might involve more or less configuration (defaults are usually good enough to get started). In addition, any aircraft already equipped with their own GPS/FMS might prevent effectively connecting our devices to the rest of the aircraft avionics for obvious reasons too. Hopefully, most if not all aircraft use the default GPS, or come pre-configured for RXP devices nowadays.


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Hi Craig,

I've created a mod for the Panthera (with Aerobask's permission) some time ago, so we can use the RXP GTNs as seamlessly as possible.
As Aerobask does not officially support the Reality XP solutions and offer their own avionics versions, there are a few quirks you would have to know if you want to use the mod.
I'm not sure it would be the best solution for IFR training as the EFIS equipped in the Panthera from Aerobask can't be synchronized with the Reality XP GTN, except for heading and GPS data.
You would have to enter the same flight plan on each instrument (EFIS and GTN).
The RXP GTN integration in the cockpit is also a workaround with limitations but if you use them as pop-up windows, you should be comfortable enough.

Here's a quick demo with the mod installed:

You can find the mod info and links in the official panel configuration thread.

Also, be aware that the two units can't share information as the crossfill function is not available at this time.

Beyond those specific limitations, I encourage you to test the Garmin trainer (free) used as a base for the RXP GTN instruments in the sim. Imho, they're the best you can get for training (and entertainment) purposes in X-Plane (minus a few functions like the weather radar, and minor functions).
The RXP GTNs can be used as pop-up windows in any aircraft, even if they won't appear in the virtual cockpit as 3D instruments.

As for the possible EFIS in X-Plane, I don't know of any aircraft/product that offers an accurate and modern solution as those instruments are quite complex and difficult to develop for a simulation at a study level.
We have decent approximations like the Dynon Skyview available in the Panthera, but it's nothing like an instrument similar to the G3X Touch.
Of course, depending on your requirements, you might be comfortable with the current options.
I think Aerobask has the most convincing offer as several other aircraft are build around the G1000 avionics.
As I understand it, you're interested in using GTN units + a decent EFIS.

One of the integrated solutions using a RXP GTN 650 is the vFlyteAir Piper Arrow III (including an EFD 1000 + GTN 650).
Maybe you'll find other options by searching for suggestion in the x-plane.org forums.

In the future Reality XP should offer a G500/G600 solution that would be a perfect fit for the existing GTNs.
Until then, we'll have to do with what's available.

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Thanks for the detailed help, Bourrinopathe, much appreciated. I'm going to keep flying the stock Aerobask Panthera for IFR training for now, it gives me a pretty good approximation of my RW avionics. It's been working fairly solidly on X-Plane on Windows (although I was having intermittent trouble intercepting ILSs on the same plane in X-Plane on the Mac.) 

Back to Pilotedge.


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