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  1. Bourrinopathe

    Customer Appreciation

    I can't agree more! It's just the best modern avionics simulation we can get, and with no noticeable performance hit!
  2. Bourrinopathe

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    Same issue with XP 11.21r2 (beta), but I rolled back to the stable version and the server installed v11.20r4 (build 112019). My region sometimes accesses the latest stable release versions slightly later than the US (and other locations). I didn't monitor the process but as far as I can tell, 11.21r2 mostly updated a few shader files, manuals (GDPR-related details I guess), and the exes. If you don't have a backup or can't roll back to a compatible version, and until there's a fix available, I could pack the 11.20r4 files (I would need a detailed list) and share them. Just let me know.
  3. Bourrinopathe

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    Hi, @those using a C172 mod for the GTN: what mod are you using? I just updated the GTNs to v2.5.2, and with XP 11.20r4 and my GTN (750+650) mod. I fail to recreate the issue described here. My mouse cursor changes as expected and every gauge responds correctly (mouse wheel and holding left mouse button). Same with the 172 GTN mod + REP (I'm using a beta version for REP). I've updated the archive for the mod recently due to some minor modifications in XP 11.20 (Cessna_172SP_GTN_vrconfig.txt file) >>> C172SP GTN 750+650 mod <<< Maybe you could try this version (or just update the aforementioned file) and see if it works for you? (if you don't own the GTN 650, the unit will just stay dark - you can still use the mod)
  4. Bourrinopathe

    GTN 750 + default Cessna 172

    Hopefully this will be fixed with the upcoming REP version. With the latest version the .acf is not modified correctly and the 3D models for the static elements are not attached to the aircraft file. If you're familiar with the Plane Maker you can attach the rep_statics.obj (in \Standard\Misc Objects), then the wheel chocks and other objects should be displayed correctly. Otherwise, please wait for a fix. The mod is still compatible with the default 172 (latest XP stable version). Thanks!
  5. Bourrinopathe

    Pre Buy Reality XP Questions

    Hi Craig, I've created a mod for the Panthera (with Aerobask's permission) some time ago, so we can use the RXP GTNs as seamlessly as possible. As Aerobask does not officially support the Reality XP solutions and offer their own avionics versions, there are a few quirks you would have to know if you want to use the mod. I'm not sure it would be the best solution for IFR training as the EFIS equipped in the Panthera from Aerobask can't be synchronized with the Reality XP GTN, except for heading and GPS data. You would have to enter the same flight plan on each instrument (EFIS and GTN). The RXP GTN integration in the cockpit is also a workaround with limitations but if you use them as pop-up windows, you should be comfortable enough. Here's a quick demo with the mod installed: You can find the mod info and links in the official panel configuration thread. Also, be aware that the two units can't share information as the crossfill function is not available at this time. Beyond those specific limitations, I encourage you to test the Garmin trainer (free) used as a base for the RXP GTN instruments in the sim. Imho, they're the best you can get for training (and entertainment) purposes in X-Plane (minus a few functions like the weather radar, and minor functions). The RXP GTNs can be used as pop-up windows in any aircraft, even if they won't appear in the virtual cockpit as 3D instruments. As for the possible EFIS in X-Plane, I don't know of any aircraft/product that offers an accurate and modern solution as those instruments are quite complex and difficult to develop for a simulation at a study level. We have decent approximations like the Dynon Skyview available in the Panthera, but it's nothing like an instrument similar to the G3X Touch. Of course, depending on your requirements, you might be comfortable with the current options. I think Aerobask has the most convincing offer as several other aircraft are build around the G1000 avionics. As I understand it, you're interested in using GTN units + a decent EFIS. One of the integrated solutions using a RXP GTN 650 is the vFlyteAir Piper Arrow III (including an EFD 1000 + GTN 650). Maybe you'll find other options by searching for suggestion in the forums. In the future Reality XP should offer a G500/G600 solution that would be a perfect fit for the existing GTNs. Until then, we'll have to do with what's available.
  6. Bourrinopathe

    Newbee needs help getting started

    Good to know the Alabeo Mooney M20R has been updated to support the GTN! Thanks for the info! Is there a screenshot of the cockpit with the GTN unit? I couldn't find one on their website. It's also good to read you've fixed your issues and that you can now use the GTN comfortably. About configuring a GTN display on a GNS unit: you can follow the tutorial from the GNS manual as it's a similar process. Just keep in mind the GTN screen does not have the same proportions/resolution than a GNS display and thus won't look realistic. ---- If you're interested in using a GTN 750 and a 650 with the default 172, I shared a mod with that configuration. There's no complex installation process as the archive contains the modified C172 (shared with permission from Laminar Research).
  7. Bourrinopathe

    Newbee needs help getting started

    Hi, There's plenty to enjoy with those instruments. There are just a few things you have to do and understand before getting the most out of them. You should have been prompted to download and install the Garmin trainer for the GTN units. The plugin is based on that trainer and thus it's required to run properly. Your " failed to open simulation" message let me think the plugin can't find the trainer. Could you confirm you can run the Trainer independently? (Start -> Garmin Aviation Trainers) Also, it might be useful to attach your log files to get the best support from RealityXP. Check your manual, Troubleshooting section (at the end). About integration : 2D windows popups will always work. 3D instruments in the virtual cockpits require specific development, whether provided by the aircraft developer or included in a dedicated mod. You can also use the GTN 3D screens on existing instruments (like a GNS 530, or even a G1000), but it won't look that convincing - in that case it's just a matter of configuring the dynamic texture coordinates as detailed in the manual. Afaik the Alabeo Mooney M20R Ovation does not offer a GTN 3D integration (or a compatible mod). The AFM Mooney M20R Ovation III does have a GTN 750+650 full 3D integration. A few recent aircraft also offer fully compatible virtual cockpits. (to attach screenshots in the forum you can just paste the link or use the BBCode - I think the additional options are locked until you have posted several messages)
  8. Bourrinopathe

    GTN 750 + default Cessna 172

    @aussibob1 Thanks for the info and for your kind words ;) I'm glad you managed to fix your issue even if I can't see why the .ini from the mod fails to provide the same usability on your system. As I understand it, your modified .ini changes PANELS to PANEL3D, and usemouse=true to usemouse=TOUCHSCREEN (which is now deprecated, as reported by RXP). Hopefully your changes might help other users. If someone can figure out why these settings fix the interactivity issue, please let me know. What's important is that you can now enjoy the instruments in the 172. @Howiefly What a joy to read you're enjoying the mod! (I read your message back in February and +rep'ed it) That's exactly why I wanted to share the mod, so other users could enjoy the experience (hopefully without any issue). @RXP Thanks for the details and for clarifying! Kickass support as usual ;) Happy flying everyone!
  9. Bourrinopathe

    GTN650 replacements for B200, V35, etc

    The Garmin GTN 650 has been designed to allow easy GNS 430 retrofits. The units dimensions are fully compatible. That being said it's much more difficult to swap two instruments in X-Plane as it's required to edit the 3D models. So, if it's theoretically doable, editing the appropriate files is really not user friendly at this time. The best option would be to hope for someone to create a mod or for the original developer to directly support the Reality XP products as it's becoming more common for some recently released aircraft. The RXP GTNs (and GNS) are truly fantastic (and realistic) products though, I can't agree more, so I fully understand and support the desire to see more compatibility. Any enthusiastic RXP GTN/GNS user should ask developers to support them in their products (via forums, emails, etc.). They need to be aware simmers are highly interested in such compatibility options.
  10. That's a very welcome improvement. I didn't test it yet, but it will greatly help fine tuning the configuration (displays coordinates, testing options, etc.). Thanks!
  11. Bourrinopathe

    Official Panel Configuration Thread

    GNS 430 + ASDG Super Cub (v1.12) (updated from the ASDG SC v1.04 from that thread) Code from RealityXP.GNS.ini : As usual, feel free to adjust the settings to your liking.
  12. Hi, Did you import your flight plans? If you just save them as .gfp in the FPLN folder they don't appear in the flight plan list but you have to import them (like using a virtual data card), then they should appear in the Catalog. Same with the user waypoints. At least, I can confirm I have no problem on my installation (default folders) with the latest version (updated minutes ago). Also using W10/64.
  13. Bourrinopathe

    Getting black window when GTN runs.

    Thanks for the confirmation. What surprises me is that the GTN starts normally and just stops displaying anything. I'm really not familiar with this issue. Afaik, you don't have to set any application path in the ini. That option is only available if you wish to use an alternate application path. The default installation should do just fine. I don't own the PC-12 but at least I can confirm my installation is similar to yours, including the log files. I'm sure Jean-Luc will assist as soon as he's available. In the meantime I'd suggest to disable any other plugins that would possibly interfere with the Reality XP plugin. Only for testing purposes. Something else you could try is using another aircraft equipped with the GTN and see how it goes in that aircraft. I recently released a mod for the default C172, so it's possible to test your GTN there. You just have to extract the folder contained in the archive into your XP aircraft folder. If the GTN also fails to function normally with that aircraft, at least it will confirm the issue is not specifically related to the PC-12.
  14. Bourrinopathe

    Getting black window when GTN runs.

    Hi swisssheep, I'm afraid I don't have any obvious solution but I'd like to ask if your Garmin Aviation Trainer is functional? Can you start and use the trainer instruments? Your GTN ini doesn't look unusual. I would think a PC-12 is equipped with a TAWS-B though, but that's unrelated to your issue and you can change it in the plugin settings. The trainer application path in the manual might be from a previous trainer version (the manual will probably be updated soon). The current path is: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\Trainers\GTN" (as you mentioned) Could you confirm what is exactly happening on your version, please? If I understand correctly, using the Carenado PC-12, with the batteries ON, you can click on the tactile "continue" button on your GTN 750 display (right after the initial bootup sequence), and then the screen just goes dark on that same GTN 750? Did you try using the pop-up window?
  15. Bourrinopathe

    GTN 750 + default Cessna 172

    Just a quick note on the autopilot: Remember to select your "Master device" in your GTN options. As there are two GTN units and no crossfill, I intentionally left it unchecked so the user can choose what GTN unit should be linked to the AP. If that's too confusing, I'll change it in a future update. ---- And, of course, it's always a good idea to review the GTN settings and change them to your liking. For example, a C172 can be equiped with a TAWS-B but I also chose to only use the basic terrain proximity display by default. Feel free to upgrade your Skyhawk with the TAWS-B by selecting it in the settings.