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  1. Bourrinopathe

    GTN 750 with Default Cessna 172 with REP?

    @Howiefly13 I've just updated the RealityXP.GTN.ini for my mod (assuming that's the one you're using). I'm not sure it's related but maybe this will help. Also, I would strongly recommend purchasing and using the 650 😉 It's a fine addition to the 750 and it's also included in different existing aircraft. That poor Skyhawk panel must look broken with a blank GTN unit… I usually use the 650 for its handy default navigation page, TCAS or to manage my frequencies - or sometimes as a secondary terrain awareness device.
  2. Bourrinopathe

    GTN 750 + default Cessna 172

    Minor update: - updated RealityXP.GTN.ini file to include the latest improvements (RXP GTN 750/650 Touch X-Plane v2.5.3) The updated file is already included in the mod archive shared in this thread. You can just copy-paste the content of the ini to update your existing version (backup your own settings if necessary):
  3. Bourrinopathe

    GTN 750 + default Cessna 172

    You should be fine with the temp fix. No need to reinstall your REP.
  4. Bourrinopathe

    GTN 750 + default Cessna 172

    Thanks for the confirmation and glad it worked 😉 I'm currently working with Claudio from Simcoders to update the REP installer. We're getting there. The culprit might have been some typos in the installation script. One more thing to fix and it should be updated on the store as soon as possible. Next time you'll download the REP 172 from the store, the installer should work on my GTN mod.
  5. Bourrinopathe

    GTN 750 + default Cessna 172

    Thanks for the report Wickerman. I just sent another message to SimCoders. Hopefully they'll take a look at what could go wrong with the installer. The compatibility process does not happen on my end, and, to my knowledge, my mod is still fully compatible with XP 11.25 (stable and beta). Something with REP's installation script fails to add the static objects and modify the mixture lever animation code. Please try using these files (make a backup copy of your files first): C172 GTN (v1.0) REP (v3.4.5) compatibility (temporary) fix I manually updated the files the REP installer failed to modify. Your Skyhawk should be compatible with the future REP updates as long as they do not modify those files. Just drop the REP folder in the plugins folder as usual. Please let me know if this fix helps.
  6. Bourrinopathe

    GTN 750 in cockpit is off.

    Hi Fremmis, Your Arrow is not up to date. That's why you have this issue. The current version is v1.5.1 and has the updated config file. Just update your aircraft and you should be fine 😉 You'll see the version number in the download section on the .org store or Just Flight shop once you're logged in. Otherwise… you know what's very wrong.
  7. Bourrinopathe

    Official Panel Configuration Thread

    GNS 530 + VSKYLABS Rutan Long-EZ Code from RealityXP.GNS.ini : As usual, feel free to adjust the settings to your liking.
  8. Bourrinopathe

    Flight plan: direct to & navigraph update

    Hi, It's different in the RXP GTN because it's how the real GTN works. Aerobask's version is not as detailed. Aerobask's version does not offer the SAR patterns and Hold At Waypoint functions. You have a large Direct To button instead. If you want to get a Direct To when selecting a waypoint, just press the physical button on the bezel. You'll get a side panel with different options. The database used is from Garmin. The Navigraph version cannot be used with the GTNs. However it's possible to use your updated database if you own a subscription from Garmin. I'm not familiar with the process but there's a topic somewhere in this forum. Happy navigating 😉
  9. Bourrinopathe

    GNS trainer and Windows 10? Not working?

    Good to know. Thanks!
  10. Hi there, I've been recently trying to use the GNS trainer (v3.30p) on my system (Windows 10 Pro (10.0.17134), x64, up to date), and for some reason I can't start up the unit by clicking on the COM volume knob. The speed lever and other buttons (AP) respond correctly. Is there a compatibility mode or a trick I should use? The GNS works beautifully in X-Plane, but sometimes I'd just like to test it without running the sim. Any ideas?
  11. The Mooney M20R from AFM is also compatible with both GTNs. Alternatively, the Super Cub from ASDG is compatible with the GTN 650. I highly recommend getting the GTN 650 as it's complementary to the 750 for several aircraft (just like the GNS 530+430 combo).
  12. Bourrinopathe

    GTN 750 + default Cessna 172

    @Wickerman88 Thanks for the report. I've just checked on my versions (XP 11.25b1, REP 3.4.5a1) and I have the same issue. A line of code for the manipulator (control command) of the mixture lever in the cockpit .obj file is probably not updated correctly by the REP installer (which alters the cockpit .obj). I'll have to check with Claudio from SimCoders to fix this problem as it's bound to the REP installer. You can still use the mixture lever by assigning a physical axis if you have one available. Otherwise, I'd suggest only using the 172 REP version or the 172 GTN version from this mod (still fully compatible with the latest XP version, stable or beta). Same issue for the additional objects from the REP. They're added to the .acf using the installer. The current REP version does not update the .acf from the mod. You can use the .acf from this archive (it's the version from the mod, with the REP objects (wheelchocks, covers, etc.)). Make sure to keep a backup of your original file first! (note that this doesn't fix the mixture lever issue). I'll notify Claudio about the issues. Hopefully they will be fixed in a future version, or I'll update the mod description and remove the REP compatibility to avoid further issues. Also, please note that SimCoders does not develop the Reality Expansion Packs on Windows and thus does not use the GTN from Reality XP (windows only). So please, don't bother them with details as they can't cross-check if the mod is compatible with any windows-only content. Thanks for chiming in 😉 ----- @Dolev Ravid The only way to modify a virtual cockpit instruments layout in X-Plane (at this time) is to edit different files (.acf, .obj) and add your own 3D models if required (just as I did). It's unfortunately a time-consuming process and does not allow easy placement for any configuration as you have to edit the files for each version you'd want to use. Just move a button, and you have to do it all over again. So, if you really want to use a GTN 750 + GNS 430 (for example), you'll have to modify the required files. You can attach/remove and place instruments to the panel using the Plane Maker, but you'll have to modify the *_cockpit.obj to make the instruments interactable (pushing buttons, turning knobs, etc.). Depending on the instruments, you'll also have to check that the dynamic surfaces (instruments displays and such) are configured correctly. To my knowledge, there's also no existing plugin that allows importing and exporting .obj with the specific code for the current X-Plane version (including the recent manipulators) (maybe AC3D plugin is updated by now). That's mostly why there are not a lot of instruments modifications floating around 😉 Nevertheless, if you're really stubborn, you can modify your own cockpit (almost) to your liking.
  13. Bourrinopathe

    Customer Appreciation

    I can't agree more! It's just the best modern avionics simulation we can get, and with no noticeable performance hit!
  14. Bourrinopathe

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    Same issue with XP 11.21r2 (beta), but I rolled back to the stable version and the server installed v11.20r4 (build 112019). My region sometimes accesses the latest stable release versions slightly later than the US (and other locations). I didn't monitor the process but as far as I can tell, 11.21r2 mostly updated a few shader files, manuals (GDPR-related details I guess), and the exes. If you don't have a backup or can't roll back to a compatible version, and until there's a fix available, I could pack the 11.20r4 files (I would need a detailed list) and share them. Just let me know.
  15. Bourrinopathe

    GTN v2.5.2 mouse not working

    Hi, @those using a C172 mod for the GTN: what mod are you using? I just updated the GTNs to v2.5.2, and with XP 11.20r4 and my GTN (750+650) mod. I fail to recreate the issue described here. My mouse cursor changes as expected and every gauge responds correctly (mouse wheel and holding left mouse button). Same with the 172 GTN mod + REP (I'm using a beta version for REP). I've updated the archive for the mod recently due to some minor modifications in XP 11.20 (Cessna_172SP_GTN_vrconfig.txt file) >>> C172SP GTN 750+650 mod <<< Maybe you could try this version (or just update the aforementioned file) and see if it works for you? (if you don't own the GTN 650, the unit will just stay dark - you can still use the mod)