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  1. It would be great to get an option or an upgrade to use the Xi Series, but my guess is that it might require quite some work under the hood. Some features would probably require specific implementation and testing as the RXP plugins are not just displaying the trainer in a 3D environment. The rather new Best Glide range and emergency landing airport functions would be great training tools. Hopefully this might become an option in the future as LR is working on "Avionics and OBJ restructuring" (from their latest blog entry). Let's hope for the best!
  2. AFAIK, the default C172 still doesn't offer native support for the RXP GTNs 3D panels (as other 3rd party products do). It would be up to Laminar Research to offer compatibility. As a user/customer, it's (still) overly complicated to add modular 3D panels in default XP aircraft (and it implies a fair amount of modding). Ages ago I did share a mod that allowed using both GTNs with their appropriate 3D panels. I still have a modified version I updated for XP12 and I can only confirm that it can work with XP12 as it's derived from my (now outdated) mod for XP11. The current modified C172 I'm using might not be accurate enough as it also implements a different engine and is based on a previous default C172 version. Unfortunately, I currently don't have an updated and functional default 172 including the instruments.
  3. Hi, User's Manual, p 14 -> Configuration / Aircraft Configuration. All your devices are set to visible = false That makes the displays not visible. I just took a quick look at the problem and your post - but that seems to be the issue. Change the ini, restart X-Plane, switch your GTN on. And remember to RTFM 😉
  4. @EzTrippHi, You probably didn't check the threads in the RXP support forum as you'd have noticed support is very responsive. Most of your questions could be answered by reading the user's manual and it would be helpful (and advised) to provide the log files to help with your issue (the instructions are detailed page 19 of the Reality XP GTN User's manual). Using the search tool could also point you to a similar issue and a possible fix. But above all, being polite and respectful might be the best way to approach any issue. Even if your problem with the product can be frustrating. Many users are very happy with RXP GTNs/GNSs, some had problem and afaik they've been fixed or under scrutiny. As a user, I'd suggest getting and sharing the logs, and reading the user's manual.
  5. @C130FE The f1 GTN 750 is not available for X-Plane. Reality XP and Flight1 GTNs are different products from different developers.
  6. @larsras05 Hi Lars, There's no new version available for that mod. My interest had shifted towards a backcountry/bush retrofit version you can see in the video above. I'm using non-freeware data for that version so I can't share it. If it were easier to import and edit the LR 172 cockpit object I would have updated it but unfortunately there's no reliable import plugin and every time something goes wrong and it's hardcore editing time - which is obviously not that fun and time consuming 😉 You can still use the mod (w/ the temporary fix) and make a few tweaks by comparing the .acf files with the current LR 172SP. The AP is easy to switch but the additional buttons in the cockpit will be missing (cockpit object related). I didn't recently test a REP installation over it, so I'm not sure what would happen but it's likely the animations for the mixture lever and fuel pump gauge would be broken.
  7. Hi @BeachAV8R The GTN 750 (with a 3D bezel and screen) wouldn't work in the PropStrike Bush kit unless the cockpit has been modified to add it to the panel. I think the Bush kit is (still) focused on reproducing a vintage panel without any "modern" GPS. As the REP also modifies the animations references for the cockpit, a REP-compatible version would have to be created as well. Maybe you could ask the guys at PropStrike Studio if they plan to add a GTN option for their 172 bush kit? (otherwise, the 2D window is the current option)
  8. @dmarques69: cannot compute 😁 "Kind of" option is missing. As of X-Plane v11.35r1: 172 + REP + GTNs -> requires temporary fix after installation + 172 missing yoke buttons + missing new STec X55 AP + I didn't check everything recently 172 + GTN -> missing yoke buttons + missing new STec X55 AP + I didn't check everything recently I would have to compare the .acf to make sure nothing important is missing compared to the recent 172 version available in 11.35. The best course would be to re-create the mod directly from a current 172 version (11.35). That's what I did for the private mod in the video in my previous post. So the TL;DR: it should work, but it won't be perfect. You can't go wrong in purchasing the GTNs anyway 😉
  9. Hi @Wickerman88 I don't think I'll update the mod to be compatible with REP. The REP 172 will use the improvements of the core features so it would be required to make sure it stays compatible. I've recently tested a custom mod without the REP, by refreshing the mod to the most recent LR 172 and testing an engine upgrade using a (hypothetical) Titan X370 @205 HP and a constant speed McCauley 3-blade prop (pretty similar to the Isham mod). REP is obviously not compatible with different engine and systems specs. Unfortunately the tool I use to import the cockpit object still fails and generates errors I have to fix manually every time I make a change. But this Titan version works beautifully and has the updated autopilot (STec 55X), the buttons on the yoke and a few fixes. I've used some elements from the free bush kit made by Propstrike Studio. I'm also still waiting for the x-plane Blender plugin to be compatible with the 1.80 version. (@Wickerman88: if you're interested in testing this mod, send me a PM - for private use only)
  10. @Piper5299X Hi, If you have some specific plugins installed and active, maybe you could try to disable them and see if the transponder works as expected? I'm not sure what might cause the problem on your end but I just tried the Arrow III and Turbo Arrow IV with the GTN and the XPD works correctly in both planes. It's possible to change the squawk code with the GTN or the Bendix/King transponder. I'm using XP 11.34, RXP GTN 2.5.16, and probably the latest JF Arrow versions (not sure).
  11. Welcome to the editing (and often frustrating) process 😉 I just replied to your PM. Jean-Luc summed up the key elements accurately. I'm afraid without a better structure for the files and cockpit objects, the only way to achieve a decent instruments swap is to fiddle with the existing files without access to the original files (owned by the respective developers). And as you mentioned the import plugins fail to parse the complete data for the objects (I used both Blender and AC3D for my mod(s)). I don't own the B200, but based on your screenshots, it's likely you'd have to create new 3D planes for the screens, with an appropriate UV mapping.
  12. @Igrok-kun Sorry I didn't see your message sooner. The GTN mod needs to be updated to the latest LR version. The AP and other details have been improved/updated (even in the recent XP 11.33 beta 1). This requires editing most of the mod from scratch (except for the GTN 3D models), and I don't know when I'll be able to do it. Due to the different changes, my guess would be that REP is trying to find a line that does not exist in my mod, but I don't know why the "enable package" command does not display any error message. Please just consider the mod not compatible with REP at this time. I've updated my REP version for the GTN mod using the SkunkCrafts updater, but my own modded Skyhawk has been activated with REP a while ago.
  13. Hi John, It depends on your definition of "much" and your skills and tools 😉 You would have to remove the GTN 650 model and screen from the aircraft misc objects using the Plane Maker, attach the GNS 430 below the GTN 750 in the same manner. Probably reconfigure the GNS 430 panel coordinates - you would have to check if the textures coordinates can fit on the current Panel.png or if you would have to edit the .obj properties so it would fit (that's necessary to display the GNS 430 dynamic texture/display). Then, you would have to edit the *_cockpit.obj to be able to use the GNS 430 buttons/rotaries in the virtual cockpit (both VR and with regular mouse control). You could skip that part if you only use the GNS 430 with hotkeys. That step is tricky as you would have to import the .obj and none of the softwares I used at the time were able to import the cockpit object without losing data. I had to rebuild part of it each time I changed anything (losing manipulators commands, 3D object properties, etc.). Maybe the plugins are better now - I have no idea. Honestly, the best move would be to buy the GTN 650… It depends what will prevail: your sheer will or your bank account stoicism 😉
  14. GNS 430 + Mad Flight Studio Spectr-Aero SP-30 Code from RealityXP.GNS.ini : As usual, feel free to adjust the settings to your liking. Also please note that this plane uses its own GNS commands and thus the RXP GNS cannot be controlled by using the buttons/knobs (unless I missed something obvious). I'd suggest right-clicking on the display to pop-up the GNS 2D screen or using your flight controls mappings.
  15. Hi there, Thanks @Wickerman88! And happy new year to everyone! Yes, I definitely need to revisit the mod as LR has slightly updated the cockpit model (trim buttons on the yoke I think?). It's been a while so I'll have to get familiar with the whole process and some of the tools I used all over again. This might take a while depending on my free time. Rest assured that mod has not drifted out of my scope - the C172 is still one of my favorite aircraft in X-Plane (along with the mighty TBM 900 from Hot Start (that thing is a wonder, go check it out if don't already have)). I'll post in this thread if I have something new.
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