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Hello, I have read a few messages here related to strange behavior from AI aircraft, and Radar Contact.

I have been using Radar Contact for over 10 years. It is recently after P3DV4 or FSUIPC 5 that Radar contact is not interfacing as it used to be with the Ai aircraft.

I have had landings instructions to use runways opposite to the ones Ai aircraft are using. At least in my case, Radar Contact is no longer detecting  when there is traffic crossing, or in the runway, as there are not instructions to go around.

Besides that, taxing Ai aircraft are no longer detecting your own aircraft. They just keep on moving and crash into you or go rightn through you if you have the ignore crashes option checked.

As Radar Contact has not been changed, there is something different in the code of either P3DV4 or FSUIPC5 thaast is causing this. Does anybody has more info on this, or is experiencing the same?





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My guess is the AI traffic package you are using might be a factor. Ai has never been very intelligent at avoiding you when taxiing out. I use MyTraffic 6 and RC4 does interact with the Ai in a reasonable way.

I also experience occasions when Ai are landing on a different runway to the one RC has allocated for you. That can also happen when winds are 90 degrees to the runway meaning a few degrees of change can force a runway switch.

What Ai package are you using and what is the Ai % in P3D?

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Hi Ray,

I do not use a commercial package, Many come from Alpha India flight plans. I create some myself. 

I can understand in very light or no wind conditions, that I can get assigned a different runway than the Ai is using.

But I never before had a waiting for takeoff aircraft, enter the runway when I was on very short final. or another cross the runway when I was about to touchdown.

Also before when I was waiting for takeoff in a line of aircraft . The aircraft behind me, used to stop If I stopped. Now in some cases they just go through you.

It seems as some of the AI aircraft does not register that your plane is there. 

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The problems with Ai not avoiding you has been there for many versions of FS going all the way back to FS2004 which was used when we tested v4. it’s inherent in FS/P3D and RC4 can’t do anything about it.

If it happens at busy airports - EGLL, KJFK or KLAX then reduce the Ai %. RC has a lot of computing to do at busy airports. It shouldn’t happen at less busy ones.

If you can reproduce a scenario that you feel RC is not doing what it should then generate a log and send it to JD with details. He and Doug do not provide support on this forum.

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