relationship between stick movement and stick sensitivity

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I want to know about stick settings, how the stick sensitivity and stick movement related.

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Have look at this video for starters (the relevant bit is from 3:30 onward). Since making this I have discovered there is in fact a difference in the response curves when you change stick_sensitivity_mode, although neither curve is linear. The animated yoke in the VC is not an accurate representation of the values generated. Here's a graph of actual values measured on the aileron axis. It is measured on an old Saitek throttle quadrant, so the data is jittery but the trend is clear and it is consistent when the measurements are repeated. I measured the actual ailreon displacement values using AFSD. In each case the 'sensitivity' slider is at maximum. (And in neither case is 'sensitivity' an appropriate lable for that slider :huh:). stick_sensitivity_mode=1 is the default behaviour.


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