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Hi  ... dipping a toe in the x-plane water as long-term fsx/p3d user, struggling with recent install of the RXP gtn gauges ....  .... in the p3d version of F1 GTN I like to use the 750 GPS to take me to an airport where i pick up an ILS of my choice and do an approach linked to it .... am unable to replicate this with the RXP version ....as example if i take off from 7R @ KLAX, do a circuit taking me about 10 miles out, try to intercept the ils @ 90 degrees at about 2000ft, all that happens - on reaching the ils as indicated in the gauge by the sort of gray dotted line .... the plane actually turns 'away' from the ILS and just keeps on going(or occasionally dithers, turning the plane left to right and back) ... tried it with the default cessna + Carenado DO228 both affected ......????

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Hi .... when i click on GTN750 in Carenado DO228 to open the pop-up version i see the default 530 gauge ..... another issue: I have no access to the 650 gauge .... in the default planes i've tried, if i click on the plug-in menu i'm offered a choice between the 710 & 750 ..... tried to install the mod fitting 750+650 in default cessna c172 VC, but no 650, only empty bezel + a message in RXP log to the effect no gauge found .... ??? (running latest beta version XP on W10)

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I'm sorry for the delay but this is a lot of questions at once.

Let me try to answer:

1) When the airplane 'turns away', were you expecting the A/P to be in APPR mode and the CDI mode on VLOC, or NAV mode and the CDI mode on GPS?

2) popup window: most likely a RealityXP.GTN.ini setting (in the aircraft folder) is wrong, but it would be best other customers report their experience for this one.

3) GTN 750 and GTN 650 are 2 different products like you can see on our website.

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