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Airplane stop working, can't register

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First I already opened 2 support tickets since the first one was answered and didn't address my issue. The first one reset my registration therefore that is taken out of the way.

The plane started crashing the sim out of the blue, I thought it was the sim until I loaded other aircrafts and everything was fine. I didn't unregistered or reseted anything because I didn't uninstalled it at first. It just stop working.

After realizing it was the plane I open the Load Manager and it was blank like a NEW installation BUT there was a different serial number locked in the middle space. It cannot be deleted or erased. I could not find the uninstall (didn't know this is place in the Main Documents folder) I wonder why instead of the maddog folders.  I deleted everything and reinstalled it. The problem is the same!. If I put my purchase number and my enable key from the company it gives me a BAD enable key. I can't erase that wrong serial to write mine.  I reinstalled the update, surprise! everything is the same.

Roaming through the Forum I found out about where the uninstaller is and use it, deleted ALL the folders everywhere. Went to the Registry, deleted everything related to Maddog!... Performed a clean install of the new full update. SURPRISE again! the Load Manager have the wrong serial number and can't be deleted, In order to input my purchase and serial numbers. It don't go to the register stage since the middle serial produces a BAD enable key.  I am very frustrated!, I haven't been able to use the plane for over 5 weeks!

Again My serial was reset by the company already... therefore this is not the problem. I can't proceed to register since the Load Manager comes after installation with a DIFFERENT, WRONG SERIAL.

Any help would be appreciated. What I don't understand is if its a clean install and serial reset by the company... What is going on here?  This has become a nightmare!  Where in the PC there is a wrong number that the load manager after installation is reading it and sealing it in the blank area where mine is supposed to go?


I run everything as administrator





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Hi José, not the helpful soul you are waiting but.. I recommend you to post your issue on the dev forum. They are very helpful and you will not get support here since this is not their official forum. Good luck.


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