Zibo 737 exporting to FMC not working

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Ok, so I create a flight plan in P2ATC and then export it in .fms format to xplane11/output/fmsplans. This part seems to work fine. Then I start XP11 and the Zibo 738 and enter the DEPDEST. into the coroute section of the FMC. The plan supposedly loads and I click activate. Then I go to the legs page and there is nothing there, nothing at all. If I use PFPX to plan my flight it saves in the same output/fmsplans  folder and works fine. Are the flight plans created using P2ATC not compatible with the Zibo for some reason or am I missing something? 

At this point I have to create a plan in PFPX, import that plan into P2ATC, add SID/STARS, and then NOT export into XP11 fmsplans folder, since if I overwrite the PFPX plan the file exported by P2ATC does not work. It would be nice to be able to use only P2ATC for flight planning but currently this is impossible. Any advice on this issue is appreciated.

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There is an option in Config Flt Pln tab of P2A to Export/Import SID/STAR/Approach.  If this is not checked, you will only get the 2 Airports and any enroute waypoints and airways.

Some aircraft do not yet support the XP 11 .fms file format and you have to export the plan as XP-10 format.

Also, for longer flights where airways and en-route waypoints are desired, you'll need to create the flight plan in a tool like PFPX or one of the free ones like SimBrief.  Then import the route into P2A and add the procedures in P2A.  If the flight planning tool suggested these, you can enter them manually in P2A. Otherwise, you can use the AutoPlan feature to add them.


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