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Hello all,

Here's a small challenge for you: I need a new desktop for P3D/General gaming and I have a budget of $4000 Australian Dollars, I have a vague idea of what I could pull together however I want to hear your professional opinions so that I can spend as effectively as possible.

The rules:

  • All purchases must be from Australian sources w/ local warranty.
  • Must include monitor (preferably in the 27" range and min. WQHD)
  • Only 1 primary OS storage will be required as I have SATA3 HDDs for bulk storage already
  • Keyboard/Mouse not required
  • Sound card not required, onboard audio sufficient
  • Fairly discrete case, don't need a light show
  • Overclocking capability preferred
  • Intel/nVidia preferred
  • Quality brands only, I don't want cheap PSUs etc.
  • Shipping must be included in budget. I am located in Perth so local pickup can be used to save cost, but interstate shipping must be included.

Please do not suggest importing from American/European sources, shipping will be expensive and tax will need to be paid on import.

To spice it up, if you can exceed the specs I have in mind, there may be a P3D/FSX/X-Plane-related prize for you.

Good luck!

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Challenge accepted.

Have a look at this list and see what you think. I've intentionally left wiggle room so you can add other items as you wish. I built a PC last year, also in Aus and whilst no one seller has the best price on each component, sometimes the difference is marginal and buying from one online retailer saves on postage and makes the price difference negligible. Some notes;

RAM - only went with 3200mhz - I run 3600 however memory is still very expensive.
GPU - There are more expensive options with slightly higher clock speeds and different aesthetics - I chose this one for value but personal tastes might mean you would go for a different one.
Cooling - I have a 7700k overclocked to 5ghz and use a H100 AIO (as suggested in attached list). I run a push/pull config with the fans (hence the extra pair of ML120 fans, you will need a cable splitter ~$9) for better airflow and lower noise (less RPM). I also delidded my CPU to keep temps low. I'm more than happy with my temps but if you don't wish to delid you may want a bigger AIO (360mm instead of 240mm) which this case will allow.
Case - you will find cheaper options however I personally like the minimalist look of Fractal and they are very easy to build in. Again, personal preference here.
PSU - you can consider a non-modular unit which could bring costs down but most will say to not skimp here as this will help potential overclocks.
Motherboard - this again is a personal preference based on how many ports you need. Asus tends to be popular with overclockers. Money can be saved if you don't need wifi/multiple ports etc etc)
Storage - M2 is the go here - you can save a bit by buying a previous generation 960 Samsung - the speed diff is small. For larger saving you could go to an SSD instead but since the motherboard has the capability you may as well use it.
Screen - I chose what I thought would be suitable but this may be something you want to look into (response time, frequency - in flight sims we don't see very high fps anyway, G-sync etc) before deciding.

Hope this helps, feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

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