Infinite Loop on Hand-off to Departure

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Hi Dave--
Infinite Loop Issue

I read the Bug Report from “glider1” which described an Infinite Loop issue similar to my issue and I have updated Pilot2ATC to
This did not solve my loop issue.

For me, just prior to the first time the loop happened, I heard a brief, unfamiliar sound in my headphones. The sound and then the loop occurred
during hand-off to Departure (I took-off from KLNK bound for KOMA). I have not heard the unfamiliar sound again. However, the loop issue continues.

Actions I have taken:
I ended my flight and closed P2A.  I started the flight again with P2A and at the same point, the loop began again.

I ended my flight, closed P2A, and rebooted my PC. I started the flight again and same thing, again.

Ended my flight, closed P2A. I found and read the Infinite Loop issue on the Bug Report Forum posted by “glider1” and from reading the info given, I
downloaded and installed the P2A update (} and updated the Navigraph data files as well. Started flight with P2A again, no joy.

I decided to try a different airport so I took off from a KOMA for KLNK using P2A and everything was OK.

Started new flight from KNLK for KOMA with a wind-shift which had ATC instruct me to take-off using a different runway. No joy.

I had X-Plane 11 Updater check my X-Plane 11 files. All X-Plane 11 files are OK. No joy.

I have found that P2A is an essential component of my flight-sim experience. Thank you for providing P2A for the flight-sim community.



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Please email a copy of the P2A log file for that flight to me at so I can analyze it.

Log files are located in: 
where <UserName> is your PC user name. Portions of the path may be hidden by default, so be sure Windows Explorer has Show Hidden Items checked in the View tab.
A new one is created each time you start Pilot2ATC, so if you take the most recent one when you have the error, you should have the correct one.  



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Hi Dave--

I continue to have issues with the Endless Loop. This time (August 01, 2018) the file you need was saved properly by Pilot2ATC. The previous time this happened (July 24, 2018), I was not able to find the file you need. It was not in the log folder. I will send the current event's Log file to you as an attachment on an email.

As has happened on each of the prior endless loops occasions, because of wind direction, I departed on a runway to the south. Then, shortly after takeoff and as I am being told by ATC to "Contact Departure", the rapid and endless instruction to change frequencies, began. I then ended my flight and shut-down X-Plane 11 and Pilot2ATC.

From our previous emails, you suggested that perhaps the issue was caused by my attempting a STAR that was too near my take-off point. Since your suggestion seemed logical, to me, I have been using the Eclipse 550NG and flying routes from KOMA to KMDW and KOMA to KMSP; routes that have been used by various airlines. I had hoped this would solve the issue I am having.

I will email you the copy of the file you have requested before.

Also, I "video-recorded" the flight. If you would like to see the video, let me know.

PC; Windows 10; X-Plane 11.25; Pilot2ATC V2.5.0.5_x64_R2; Aerobask Eclipse 550NG

Departing: KOMA Runway: RW18
Arriving: KMSP Runway: ILS-RW17Z

Planned Flight Level: FL240
Ground Speed: 365k

Arrival: NITZR3
Transition: ROKKK

Approach: ILS-RW17Z
Transition: NNEWW


Thank you!



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Hi Dave--

You are absolutely correct! I apologize profusely!
The version number I am running is V2.5.0.4_x64_r3 and not V2.5.0.5_x64_r3 which you have requested I install.

I will install the most recent update as soon as possible and try my flight again.
Again, I wish to apologize for my confusion as to the version of Pilot2ATC I am running.

Is there or will there soon be an easier process I can follow that will insure I am running the most current version of Pilot2ATC? Currently, the only way I know to see if I am running the most current version of P2A is to check your website for version numbers and, as you can tell, I am having difficulty identifying if I am running the most current version.

I love your Pilot2ATC program and I do want to have the most current version available installed on my PC.

Thank you for your help!



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When a new release comes out, I update the Current Version topic in this forum.

Just set your AVSIM profile to monitor the that topic for changes and you should get a notice when I change it.


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