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Missing airways?

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Hi all,   just signed up and my first post. Been using fs2004 for a very long time now and completed lots of flights IFR flying VOR to VOR.  I now would like to fly real world routes using airways and have found these airways using skyvector or similar programs but once inside fs2004 flight planner I can't see the airways that have been listed from sky vector to use?  How comes within the flight planner not all airways are shown?  Is it because the program is now very old? Any help in how to create a real world flight plan within fs2004 would be much appreciated. 

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As a very happy and long time user of FS9 I had never heard of "Skyvector", neither of a method for importing such "real world" routes into the FS9 flight planner process from this program. However, my inquisitivenes got me searching for "Skyvector" in the AVSIM library but I only found entries concerning FSX and none for FS9.

If you are somehow sure that importing such real world routes into FS9 is in fact possible and which are then usable as such, I would strongly appreciate more information or a link where this can be found.

As far as I know, planned FS9 routes are based on standard internal FS9 procedures and data only. I have no experience with FSX or P3D.



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