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Project Airbus A320

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Hi guys

i wonder if someone can help me out: I’ve recebtly just changed from FSX and well having trialed P3D V3 I totally love it! So much smoother etc. the project airbus model I have installed works like a dream and I have the wing views etc and looks fantastic the only problem is that the lights so not work. Can anyone assist me with this at all or is it basically just too out of date to run properly on P3D? 


Many thanks

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The lights on the PA busses disappeared for me from P3DV2 or so (don't remember exactly). They reappeared in version 4.2. 

You might want to check which models you are using:

PA320 CFM:  A320-200_CFM dated 31/3/2011

PA320 IAE:  A320_200_IAE also dated 31/3/2011.

These are for the standard A320, the sharklet ones do not work, they are FS9 models and I have never found any for FSX not to talk about P3D.

Lights section in aircraft.cfg:

// feet: longitudinal, lateral, vertical positions from datum
//Type 1 Bcn 2 Strb 3 Nav 4 Ckpt 5 Ldg 6 Taxi 7 Reco 8 Wing 9 Logo 10 Cabin 11 General 12 HeadLight 13 Brake
light.0=3, -13.90, -55.25, 2.45, fx_navred320pa
light.1=3, -13.90, 55.25, 2.45, fx_navgre320pa
light.2=3, -69.70, 0.00, 4.70, fx_navwhi320pa ,
light.3=2, -69.70, 0.00, 4.70, fx_strobe2320pa ,
light.4=2, -13.95, -55.25, 2.45, fx_strobe320pa
light.5=2, -13.95, 55.25, 2.45, fx_strobe320pa
light.6=1, 6.8, 0.00, -5.80, fx_beacon320pa ,
light.7=1, 3.83, 0.00, 4.47, fx_beacon320pa ,
light.8=1, 6.83, 0.00, 4.47, fx_beacon320pa ,

Hope this helps.


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