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Taxi maintenance scenery question

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Hello all.  I'm trying to understand taxi maintenance and how it interfaces with the sim scenery.  I've read the manual and have watched the tutorial video, so I think I understand the interface.  What I don't understand is that the taxiway maintenance interface overlays on real world satellite imagery... but that's not necessarily aligned with sim scenery, especially taxiways.  How do you line up taxiways without using simulator scenery images?  I probably am missing something, but wondered if anyone can help me understand.

As an example, the image linked below is a sample of KCVG scenery. The imported taxi points lineup with simulator scenery, but not with the shown satellite imagery.  Is there a way to show sim scenery as the background since that's where I actually want the taxiways to lineup?  Again, I fully assume I have missed something along the way.  Thanks in advance for any help in understanding the program!


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There is no way to show the SIM scenery in TaxiMnt.

The P2A TaxiMnt does not affect the scenery or the aircraft use of the scenery taxiways in the SIM.  It is only used for giving taxi instructions, so the most important thing is to get the names and general location of taxiways and runways correct.

Most airports work just fine with no adjustment.  If you want to maintain the SIM scenery, you need to use one of the tools meant for that, like WED for X-Plane.


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