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QW Boeing 757

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I was looking today to QW to re-install and fly a couple of their aircraft. I picked first their 757 (it's entertainment grade, IMHO, but a good simulation). My interest for this first pick is driven by two considerations:

1. On a lighter note and personal level: I have flown several times in the 757 (as passenger, of course). And, on one occasion, while in Miami, I got upgraded to 1st class, and while boarding the aircraft, the Captain of the plane also happened to walk along with me at the same time in the jetway. He said a couple of friendly words. While he turned towards the flight-deck, I said to him, "Have a good flight" before I realized it was probably a bit foolish. He stopped and gave a gentle smile, and told me, "That's a very nice thing to say", as if what I had said was something rather unique. Then he added, "Thanks. Because, if I have a good flight, you will also have a good flight!"

2. On a serious note: During one of my posts (AeroPeru Tristar), I had noted that AeroPeru airline is now defunct. As I learned subsequently, there are some rather "chilling" details behind it (if you wish to find out). It had to do with their flight-603, involving a 757, scheduled for (Miami, Lima, Santiago) route. How a simple (on-ground) human error defeated multiple redundant systems of these magnificent and advanced machines, leading to disastrous results, including contributing to the airline's bankruptcy, is a sobering thought.

This is not a simulation of that flight, but just a few sequential screenshots for a normal flight from Lima (correct ICAO = SPJC; incorrect FSX ICAO = SPIM) to Santiago (SCEL) in an AeroPeru 757 livery . For flight planning, I am using/learning SimBrief here for the first time to create and upload a flightplan to the QW FMC (does work nicely). BTW, what an excellent piece of (FW) flight-planning tool the SimBrief is!

I stayed true to myself for this (rather long but automated) flight except, admittingly, using occasional 2x simrate during cruise phase (due to lack of time). The screenshots show progress from cold & dark at Lima to touchdown at Santiago. It was quite a learning experience for me (still learning)! Thanks for viewing these pictures of this great and venerable plane.


















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