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Part 107 Drone Pilot partners needed.

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Hey all! Unless you've had your head under a rock for the past few years you've undoubtedly heard of the rise of the use of drones for a myriad of business purposes. If you're like me, your passion for flight simulation has evolved to include a love of flying these incredible machines and perhaps you may have thought that you could make some money in the process. And you'd be right, there are already quite a few companies offering drone services and there are those who are adding drones to their established businesses. 

Surveyors and civil engineering firms, photographers and production companies are already in the game. There are companies which have a genesis from RC hobbyists to former military fighter pilots. Let me get straight to the point, I'm starting a drone services company and I'm looking for a few motivated individuals to join me on a journey to create a world class enterprise. I thought, who better to reach out to for interested parties and advice than the community right here!

I have already registered a company name as a sole proprietorship (which will of course change) and locked up a website with the company name and have a sketch up for a logo. The company will offer services for aerial photography and video, mapping, 3D modelling, building & crop inspection, rescue services and even exterior cleaning services. I live in SE Virginia, so anyone who is serious about joining me should be in the mid Atlantic. Presently I'm looking to offer services from northern VA to Nags Head NC. PM me if interested.

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Too bad I live in Phoenix, aside from being a trike pilot and having taken fixed wing lessons, I was an RC pilot since the mid 80's, although I had to give up my Radian glider because I did not have a place with enough space to fly it in.  Drones are becoming more popular but one has to respect airspace and also the privacy of individuals on the ground as well as their peace and quiet, aerial photography has its place but not over congested areas where people are living.  But for building and crop inspection, rescue services, patrolling crime hotspots, they are indeed important.


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Good luck, Jimmy!
I run a film/photo company in Poland and commercially fly drones too.

There indeed is a lot of usage for these birds, however in my case I quickly realized I am not able to specialize in everything (you mentioned).
So I chose offering films made using drones and ground cameras. I have a lot of work obviously, but I wouldn't find time for doing mapping, inspections, modelling, rescue, etc.
I hope you will though. The US is a specific market, generally awesome for business and anything aviation-related especially. 👍

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18 hours ago, Cactus521 said:

Too bad I live in Phoenix

C'mon John, it's only a 40 hour commute!

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18 hours ago, Rafal said:

So I chose offering films made using drones and ground cameras.

That's great! I picked up an Inspire 1 V2 and have a Zenmuse X5R coming for some cinematic work. Best of luck!!

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2 hours ago, jimmy64 said:

Inspire 1 V2 and have a Zenmuse X5R coming

A great choice for aerial cinematography/photography, James. Inspire 2 is even better but 1v2 is still a very nice machine.
I also recommend Phantom 4 Pro (Plus) for times when Inspire is too much of a beast (and it is one) to get around with. P4P is a phenomenal drone for its price.
Good luck to you too! 😀

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