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Problems reinstalling Fixer

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Hi all,

I did have fixer and clouds working previous to a catastrophic loss of every file in every folder of my fsx:se.  I have no idea what happened as all my other steam games folders are intact - it was just the fsx:se folder that lost all its files leaving just the folder structure.  So having reinstalled from Steam I set about reinstalling all my addons - orbx scenery mainly and a couple of bought aircraft.  Then I tried to install DX10Fixer and Clouds.  There initially seemed to be a problem writing files so I uninstalled and then went through the process again.  Everything seemed to go okay, but when I started FSX it didn't ask for any permission regarding Fixer - which I'm sure it did the first time I installed it.  Having said that all textures looked as they should.  What I have noticed is that reaching 1500 feet with weather set to cold front, there are no cloud shadows anywhere.  They would have been there when it was all working before, but not now.

Can anyone think of a reason why this is?  Cloud shadows were a revelation to me - making the sim that much more realistic looking - so I'd love to get them back.






i5-6400 2.7ghz
8gb ram
Nvidia 1060 6GB
Windows 10 Home ver 1803


Orbx global, vectors, England, Scotland, Open class Europe and North America


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Followed that post.  I deleted and reinstalled the files and this time I was asked by fsx if I wanted to run the dll.  I also did the debug procedure and got a screen with the lines and more importantly shadows.  I'm going to go ahead and remove the line from the ini file and see if I've still got shadows.  Will let you know.

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Hmmm.  So I've removed the debug line from the ini file but I'm still getting the coloured lines in fsx that are shown in your screen shot.  What is the next step to get rid of the lines?

Btw thanks for your help 🙂

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