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Sound setup

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I'm new to FS2Crew and LOVE it!

There is something I would like to achieve, though :

  • All sounds through my speakers
  • Voice recognition via my headset

So far, I have the aircraft sounds coming from the speakers. Sadly, nothing is being routed from FS2Crew to the speakers - only the headset.

This is despite me selecting my speaker device in the audio config page on the SEC tool.

Voice recognition and everything else about FS2Crew works perfectly.

I am on Windows 10, P3D V4.3, NGX, and latest version of Reboot. I am using a Sennheiser USB headset.

I only have 2 audio devices enabled in windows - my realtek onboard card, and my headset. I have uninstalled the realtek drivers so just using windows native drivers.

I have the speakers selected as main windows sound device and my headset as my default comms device.

In P3D, I have the primary playback device and the voice playback device both set to my external speakers. Voice capture device is my headset.

I have tested voice playback with default ATC and it is routing through the external speakers.

I have also also tried enabling the HS button - with an odd result : When illuminated SOME sounds come from the speakers (preflight checklist being one). When I extinguish the HS light, the preflight checklist read out by the FO is through the headset. That seems a bit illogical, unless I am completely misunderstanding.

I've tried to be as thorough as possible in my explanation.

Very happy with FS2Crew, but this would make it perfect for me!






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Generally speaking, with no audio device selected and HS unselected, "all" your FS2Crew sounds should be default go through your speakers.

Triple check that your Speakers in the Windows Control panel are your default playback device.

Also ensure that HS in "unselected" on the FS2Crew Main Panel.

In that configuration, all FS2Crew sounds should  go to your default playback device.

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