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Hi Everyone

The task bar is giving me big headaches. Normally it sits nicely at the bottom of my left monitor [I have 3]. Two days ago when I fired up the computer it had moved to the right side of the right monitor. Next time I fired up it moved itself to the top of the right monitor. I did nothing I know of to cause this. Yesterday, i did not have a task bar at all. Did some research and I finally have it back, but on the left side of the left most monitor. I prefer it at the bottom. I have checked that it is not locked. Then at the settings line "task bar location on screen" it shows as left, but it will not let me change it to "bottom". I tried locking it left, then trying to relocate it, if somehow the lock function is not working. No luck. Have spent 3 hours on something that should be easy to do. I can live with it on the left side, but if anyone has a suggestion on what to do now [and not reinstall windows], i will give it a try.

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I have done this in the past: (Got 3 monitors)

Go to Settings -> Display and choose or change the "Make this my main display" checkbox (Set to a different monitor, then back again to the one you prefer) or
turn on or off the Show Taskbar on all Displays under Multiple Displays.

MS says this will reset the taskbar to its default position -> Restart PC on safe mode  (have never tried that one)

Hope that helps.

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When I fired up last night to try your suggestions, Driver Booster had a notice that some drivers were out of date. I decided to update first, then half way thru the update, the taskbar re-appeared just where it should be!!! So i guess the display driver was the problem. Thanks for pointing me to a solution and glad it was not more complicated.

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