Last missing/inop commands for PMDG 737NGX

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Dear Gerald and FS++ Team,

2.7.75 is another remarkable improvement. It is getting very close to a really complete command complement for the PMDG 737 NGX.
Testing this new update I ran into:
- a few  items forgotten/overlooked from the previous list of suggestions (“Missing or ineffective commands”, with your replies), and
- a few remaining issues which could be improved or fixed.

1- “Test Flight Data Recorder”: the reply is still “Performing VOICE Recorder test” (for those enjoying the “Verbose” mode).

2- EFIS CTR button: No reply/No action. I deem it necessary, if possible (e.g. "EFIS display center" "EFIS center button select" ...). Gives access to VSD during DES & APP

3- Bank Angle Limit works only clockwise, no CCW action. In addition, the knob positions can become unreliable, since the command does not reset to the minimum bank value of 10° before switching to the requested value(s).

4- The bar below the A/Ps to engage/disengage both A/Ps is not operational.The  “autopilot master switch” command is recognised (red text shown), but No action (on/off)

5- Used fuel: commands such as “display used fuel” are not recognised.
[Note on Used fuel: the fuel counters switch has 3 states: Rate (central, at rest), Reset (up, temporary) and Used (down, temporary). Currently, the “Reset fuel counters” command moves the switch both Up (correct) and Down (unnecessary). The missing command should just move the switch down temporarily (e.g. “check/display used fuel”), to allow for checking this value against the Flight Plan]

6- Retractable Landing Lights: they are a 3-state switch (In + Off/ Out/ On). Commands should operate them independently of the Fixed Landing Lights (see latest Boeing SOPs at T/O and LND clearances, excerpt attached). The optimal solution would require adding two separate, independent commands: “Fixed landing lights On/Off”, plus and additional “Retractable landing lights In/Out/On”. The existing “Landing lights On/Off”, controlling them with the bar above the switches, should stay as it is.
Excerpt of relevant document detailing new SOPs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pxwi4ks5dog2l1h/Transition to new B737 SOP.pdf?dl=0

7- Wheel Well Light On/Off:  the red strip displays “command does not exists ….”  (used at night during the airplane external check)

8- Transition announcement: we need just a single announcement “Transition” whenever the altimeter reference indicator (below the altitude strip, displaying either the QNH or STD ) turns from green to boxed yellow


Remaining issues:
9- the “Increase EFIS range” command works fine. however, “Decrease EFIS range” increases it too (!)

10- A missing (and useful) command: “set parking brake manually” (with variants if appropriate).
[Note: Chocks set the parking brake in a “hidden” way. At startup C&D, requesting the FO to set the brakes has no effect, since “parking brake is already set”.  In order to get the parking brake set by the FO during the preliminary safety tests, I have to command the sequence (using Voxkey): remove chocks--set parking brake--restore chocks]

11- In the Notify function, the FO is incapable of pronouncing a small set of relevant words:
"from, if, enter, setup, outside, pilot, parameters, stable, jetway (not even jet way), us (spoken only as US), time, let’s (or let us), what, how much, pedestal, console, stand, detent"

I believe that the above list should mark the end of my pestering you for improvements, with grateful apologies. I love MCE !
Thank you so much, as always, for your splendid work and support,

Giorgio Goggi   (Win10 Professional, P3Dv4.3, PMDG 737NGX, MCE, ChasePlane, Orbx)




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